Poker At The Lodge

Poker At The Lodge is a raw footage live stream poker show hosted at The Lodge Card Club in Texas where all the biggest names in the game come to play high-stakes poker, presided over by resident commentators Slick Rick and Skull Mike.

The stream was founded in 2022 when poker pros Doug Polk, Brad Owen, and Andrew Neeme teamed up and bought a stake in ownership at The Lodge. After a recent relaunch series of high-stakes big-name cash games in 2023, they now have over 100k subscribers on YouTube and are growing into a fan favorite as well as a spot that all the players enjoy going to.

You will find highlights on Poker At The Lodge’s YouTube Channel as well as Lodge Poker Clips, on YouTube, which posts multiple highlight videos weekly of the action on stream. It

The Lodge Card Club AKA “The Lodge Mahal” in Round Rock, Texas, is a world-renowned venue that provides tables for all kinds of poker players, be it for recreation or for grinding tournaments. 

The gambling laws in Texas require establishments of this nature to operate in a gray area, meaning the way they make money is different from traditional casinos. They cannot make any money from rake or playing the table and instead, they make money from membership plans and hourly play rates, hence why The Lodge runs as a Card Club. They also have the nit tax for the games on stream. 

Poker At The Lodge Stream Highlight Moments

Since its arrival onto the scene as a big-time poker streamer, The Lodge has been well produced and consistent with content output, with play streamed 4x/week and highlights posted regularly.