Rick Flushed with Regret at Poker At the Lodge

Rick Flushed with Regret at Poker At the Lodge

Tito Wishes he had Rick’s hand at Poker At The Lodge

when you see the starting hands during this hand played at Poker At the Lodge between Black Widow & Tito, you would probably not expect quite a large pot. The action was live-streamed on Poker At the Lodge’s YouTube Channel on the 6th of July 2024. The blinds were $5/$10.

Black Widow ($5.1k) from the High-Jack got the ball rolling with a raise of $75 with JJoker of Hearts88 of Clubs, which was called by Tito ($6k) holding KKing of Hearts33 of Hearts on the button. A further three players called creating a $385 pot going to the flop.

To Call or to Fold, That is The Question

After a rainbow flop of 22 of HeartsJJoker of Spades33 of Clubs Black Widow had taken the lead with a pair of Jacks, meanwhile Tito & Rick had flopped bottom pair. Once checked to Black Widow fired out a large overbet of $400. Rick got out of the way with his King-three. However, Tito was going nowhere with bottom pair and a backdoor flush draw. To the turn the pair went with $1,185 in play.

Had Rick stayed in the pot he would have picked up a spade flush draw after the 55 of Spades landed. Widow bet out once again, this time the bet was more appropriately sized, $600 was the amount Tito faced. Once again he called very quickly.

No doubt Rick was kicking himself when the 88 of Spades was revealed on the river, had he stayed in, he would have made the flush! Having not improved his hand, Tito led out with a huge $2,000 bet into the $2,385 pot. Had Black Widow not improved into two pair, the bluff may have worked. As it was, Black Widow made the call allowing her to scoop a $6.4k.

Check out the video below to see the hand play out.