Prince Charles Poker

Prince Charles Poker
Name Charles Yu
Nickname Prince Charles
Nationality Chinese
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Charles Yu, better known as “Prince Charles“. Hailing from China, Yu is not only a poker player but also an investor. He’s a regular participant on the high-stakes cash games televised by Hustler Casino Live and has graced the tables of other poker broadcasts like PokerGO’s High Stakes Poker and Big Bet Poker Live.

Prince Charles Poker Career & Highlights

Charles Yu stands as a prominent figure in the high-stakes cash game scene since his debut in November 2021. His notable appearance was on Hustler Casino Live Episode 85 which saw him walk away with a $2,450 in profit. Across seven captivating sessions on Live At The Bike until August 5, 2022, Yu accumulated an impressive profit of $152,275. As the year 2022 drew to a close, his winnings continued to soar, amassing a staggering $686,000 in profit on HCL and an additional $18,700 from Live at Th Bike.

Yu’s presence extends beyond Hustler Casino Live, as he’s also made a mark on PokerGo’s High Stakes Poker. His first appearance on May 16, 2023, in Season 10 Episode 15, notched an impressive $9,800 profit where he played with notable players like Daniel Negreanu, Ben Lamb, and Stanley Choi. However, he returned a week later for Episode 16, facing a session that resulted in a $65,900 loss. 

In 2023, Yu achieved his highest profit on HCL to date. During Episode 499, which aired on August 11, 2023, he managed to secure an impressive $758,000 in profit. However, in his latest appearance on Episode 529, he incurred a loss of $202,950.

High Stakes Poker Yu Goes All In Pre-Flop, Pot of $1M

In a recent episode of High Stakes Poker, the stakes were high with blinds set at $1,000/$2,000. Yu started with a $4,000 straddle, and Jean-Robert Bellande raised to $11,000. Andrew Robl, in a strong position, raised $40,000 with A♥️K♠️. 

Yu, holding A♠️7♠️, decided to make a bold move by 4-betting to $200,000, with $284,000 remaining. Bellande folded quickly, but Robl, with a substantial stack of over $2.23 million, went all-in. Yu called, resulting in a pre-flop pot of $982,000. Despite facing unfavorable odds, Yu decided to run the board twice. The first flop added tension, but Robl managed to dodge all the outs on both boards, securing the pot while Yu rebought.

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Charles Yu, has become a notable figure in high-stakes poker, with a mix of impressive wins and losses in recent years. His journey through various poker broadcasts, such as Hustler Casino Live and High Stakes Poker, highlights his skills as a player. He enjoyed success but also encountered a tough loss, illustrating the ups and downs of his poker journey.

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