Hustler Casino Live

Hustler Casino Live, founded by High Stakes Poker Productions in 2021, is a raw footage, live-stream poker show where some of the biggest names in poker compete alongside regulars as well as hand-picked-by-the-hosts special guests. The show was created in collaboration by Ryan Feldman and Nick Vertucci with Hustler Casino and is intended to appeal to a wide range of viewers, beyond the poker community.

Hustler Casino was the baby of Larry Flynt, poker enthusiast and founder of Hustler Magazine. It opened in June 2000 through his holding company, El Dorado Enterprises Inc. in Gardena, California, and since has become a poker hotspot in California.

Flynt intended to attract elite poker players with high-stakes games as well as facilitate casual poker players with cheaper buy-in tables. 

In 2007, The Crystal Room was created to host poker tournaments, as well as to provide a conference venue or extra floor space when needed. However, in August 2021, The Crystal Room became the set for Hustler Casino Live after nearly a million dollars of alterations were made to transform the room into what it is today. 


Hustler Casino Live is one of our favorites here at Top Poker Streamers and has played host to some iconic poker moments. All boxes have been ticked to ensure that they stream the very best of high-stakes poker under state-of-the-art coverage.