Nikhil “Nik Airball” Arcot

Nikhil “Nik Airball” Arcot
Name Nikhil Arcot
Nickname Nik Airball
Nationality American
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Nik Airball, whose real name is Nikhil Arcot, is a New York native born in 1996. He is a relatively new to the high stake poker scene. Nik completed his tertiary studies in China, attending New York University in Shanghai for 3 years. When he returned from China he started working in investment banking. Arcot transferred a few times between New York and L.A. for the next 4 years before starting to play high-stakes poker. 

Nik Airball Early Poker Days

Nik was first introduced to poker in high school, watching his dad and friends play. His dad was also featured in a main event once. Arcot played some family poker games while in school and when he was in college he’d watch Live At The Bike. By 2nd semester in college Nik discovered that there was a lot of underground poker action in Shanghai. Nik started playing micro-stakes and slowly building a bankroll.  Upon moving back to New York in 2017, Nik stumbled onto more underground poker action and continued to hone his skills and understanding of the game. Nik’s first introduction to official live poker was at The Bike.

Poker Results

Nik’s HendonMob page only shows a cash in one tournament due to him being exclusively a cash-game player. Nevertheless, he cashed $20,700 in the WPT World Championship $9,800 + 600 Event. For a short amount of time in 2022, Airball set and held the record for the biggest pot won on Hustler Casino Live, which at the time was $870k. 


Nik’s come-up onto the high roller scene has been controversial as he’s been known to say what he thinks with a little bit of passion added to it, thus garnering some critics. But like him or not, Nik is making a name for himself in high-stakes poker, regularly appearing on Hustler Casino Live and playing with the biggest highrollers in the world. 

Hustler Casino Live Results

Stream #648 22 Mar 2024
Stream #633 01 Mar 2024
Stream #628 23 Feb 2024
Stream #625 20 Feb 2024
Stream #623 16 Feb 2024
Stream #618 09 Feb 2024
Stream #616 07 Feb 2024
Stream #613 02 Feb 2024
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First Appearance
01 Feb 2022
Last Appearance
22 Mar 2024

Bally Live Poker Results

Stream #37 03 Feb 2024
Stream #29 17 Nov 2023
Stream #2 29 Jun 2023
Net Profit
First Appearance
29 Jun 2023
Last Appearance
03 Feb 2024

Poker at the Lodge Results

Stream #451 27 Apr 2024
Stream #450 26 Apr 2024
Stream #436 17 Mar 2024
Stream #435 16 Mar 2024
Stream #411 14 Jan 2024
Stream #410 13 Jan 2024
Stream #261 25 Feb 2023
Net Profit
First Appearance
25 Feb 2023
Last Appearance
27 Apr 2024