Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci
Name Nick Vertucci
Nickname Nitucci
Nationality American
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After trying the college route for a few years after school, Nick Vertucci decided it wasn’t for him. He started his own computer components business which quickly began booming. He grew his worth significantly over the next decade with massive growth of internet adoption. However, when came the burst of the dot-com bubble, his tech company went under with many others.

Nick’s next career move was in Real Estate where he started off as an investor, buying foreclosures, refurbishing them, and renting them. Nick found success once more thanks to this business strategy, and in 2014 he established the Nick Vertucci Real-Estate Academy (NVRA) to teach others how to invest in real estate.

Nick Vertucci: Early Poker Days

Since Nick first played poker, his competitive edge drove him to develop his game, another story of a successful businessman who found poker. He states in an interview that it’s not fun unless he’s winning. 

Hustler Casino Live

In 2020 Nick and Ryan Feldman started working together to bring a new live-stream poker show to a casino in L.A. Almost a year later and Hustler Casino Live was launched and has since grown into one of the most popular live poker streams in the U.S as well as internationally. Nick also hosts a show called “The Nick Vertucci Show” on YouTube where he speaks to poker players and covers events and highlights that are happening in the poker world.


Despite what may have seemed like the height of his career when his tech business was flourishing, was only the beginning of a long journey that saw him evolve into an important piece in the live stream poker world. Nick is a money-magnet with great ideas and high-standards, we look forward to see the evolution of Hustler Casino Live unfold!

Hustler Casino Live Results

Stream #718 27 Jul 2024
Stream #716 25 Jun 2024
Stream #715 24 Jun 2024
Stream #710 18 Jun 2024
Stream #709 17 Jun 2024
Stream #702 06 Jun 2024
Stream #699 04 Jun 2024
Stream #693 27 May 2024
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03 Aug 2021
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24 Oct 2024