Captain Sashimi Flops A Boat, Trey Is Along For the Ride

Captain Sashimi Flops A Boat, Trey Is Along For the Ride

Sashimi sails her boat to the River, will Trey pay her off? Let’s dive into this recent hand played at Poker At the Lodge. The action was live-streamed on Poker At the Lodge’s YouTube Channel with the blinds being $25/$50.

After several limps in front, Trey ($38.7k) in the small blind amped up the heat with a large raise to $600 with AAce of DiamondsQQueen of Clubs. Rampage (BB) ($178.9k) AAce of Clubs1010 of Clubs, Sashimi (UTG1) ($19.7k) 33 of Hearts33 of Spades, and B-Dun (LJ) ($43k) KKing of DiamondsJJoker of Clubs all made the call creating a $2,550 pot going to the flop.

Full Steam Ahead

And what a flop 99 of Hearts99 of Diamonds33 of Clubs it was! Sashimi may have been the table Shorty, but she was now the Captain after flopping a boat! After being checked to by two players in front she put out a small bet of $500. Both Trey and Rampage called three players to the turn.

Well if you’re going to call with Ace high on the flop, it’s going to be super hard to get away from a pair of Aces. Sashimi last to act bet out $3,000 after seeing the AAce of Hearts on board. Trey made the call. Even though he had also picked up a Pair of Aces, Rampage made the control fold knowing his gig was most likely up.

On the River was the JJoker of Diamonds realistically there were not to many hands Trey was losing to. After sashimi bet out $6.950 trey announced “I believe you have a nine at this point” It took him awhile, but he did indeed make a very good lay down. Sashimi may not have won the max, but her unconventional flop bet nearly led to he winning a massive pot.

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