Julia Sets the Trap Causing Sashimi Maximum Pain

Julia Sets the Trap Causing Sashimi Maximum Pain

Julia Sneakily UnderPlays her Pocket Aces Causing Sashimi Maximum Pain

Check out this hand from a Maximum Pain Monday stream at Hustler Casino Live where Julia sneakily traps pre-flop. It was live-streamed on Hustler Casino’s YouTube channel on June 17th 2024. The hand was played between Julia & Sashimi with the blinds set at $10/20/40 with a $20 BB Ante.

After several limps, Nate ($10,300) in the cut-off raised the pot to $240 while holding 1010 of Clubs66 of Clubs. His raise was met instantly by aggression from Yara ($7,260) on the button, who chucked out a 3-bet to $600 with AAce of SpadesQQueen of Hearts.

Waiting in the big blind was Sashimi ($11,250) who looked down at AAce of DiamondsJJoker of Diamonds. She had no qualms in beefing up the pot, putting out a 4-bet to $2,000. Last but by no means least to act was Julia ($9,120) in the third blind. Her hand? Pocket Aces!

With close to $3k in the middle and five other players in the hand, raising it would be the common play. however, Julia decided to play it sneakily and flatted the bet. Yara and Sashimi called, three ways to the flop with $6,350 in the middle.

Who Will Take the Bait?

After a flop of 55 of Hearts33 of Spades77 of Clubs all three players opted to check the hand.

the turn was another low card 66 of Diamonds there was now 4 cards out there to a straight. first to act Sashimi led out $2,200 which was called by Julia. Yara stepped aside and there was now $10,760 in the pot.

On the river the board paired when the 77 of Hearts was revealed, knowing her Ace-Jack high was unlikely to be good, Sashimi jammed “All in” for her remaining $4,960. Unfortunately for her, the bet was snapped off, allowing Julia to win the $20,670 pot.

check out the video below to see the hand play out.