Yara ‘The Destroyer’

Yara ‘The Destroyer’
Name Yara 'The Destroyer'
Nickname The Destroyer
Nationality Chinese
Streams on

Yara is a Chinese poker player who has appeared on Hustler Casino Live twice.

Yara’s Poker Journey on Hustler Casino Live

Yara made her debut appearance on Max Pain Monday Episode 460 in June 2023. She participated in a $10/20/40 No Limit Hold ’em game alongside players like Sia The Bot, Ash Kardash, DGAF, and others. In a captured moment from a short clip, Yara expressed affection by saying “love you” after successfully securing DK’s money in an “all in” pot of $10,970. The clip is available for viewing below, showcasing Yara’s debut success of winning close to $10K.

However, her joy was short-lived. A week later, in Episode 465 in June 2023, Yara returned to play another $10/20/40 No Limit Hold ’em game, this time joined by Alexandra Botez, Nate Hill, Brandon Frazier, and others. Unfortunately, her fortunes took a downturn, resulting in a loss of -$14.5K during this subsequent session.

Hustler Casino Live Results

Stream #715 24 Jun 2024
Stream #709 17 Jun 2024
Stream #707 13 Jun 2024
Stream #704 10 Jun 2024
Stream #579 11 Dec 2023
Stream #574 04 Dec 2023
Stream #465 19 Jun 2023
Stream #460 12 Jun 2023
Net Profit
First Appearance
12 Jun 2023
Last Appearance
24 Jun 2024

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