Alexandra Botez

Alexandra Botez

Alexandra Botez is a well-known American-Canadian chess streamer who has competed in poker tournaments all over the world. She is a skilled poker player and a well-known chess player worldwide. Alexandra hosts one of the most popular chess channels on Twitch and YouTube: BotezLive. She is one of Canada’s top female chess players and is a competitive poker player as well.

Alexandra Botez Early Life

After being born in Dallas, Alexandra was raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. She was raised by her Romanian parents, & attended Stanford University. Botez started streaming chess on Twitch in 2016. Together with her sister Andrea, she co-hosts the popular BotezLive show.

Alexandra started playing the game and quickly advanced in the chess community. In 2015 and 2017, Botez earned the titles of Woman FIDE Master and Woman International Master. She has competed for Canada in competitions all over the world. In addition to her achievements in competition, Botez is well known as a leading commentator and content producer for chess.

Alexandra Botez Poker Career

Alexandra has participated in tournaments and live-streamed cash games all over the world. Her fame as a poker player continues to rise as a result of her appearances on Hustler Casino Live and the European Poker Tour. Since she started playing the game during the COVID-19 pandemic, she has come a long way. 

After playing a few tournaments, Alexandra participated on Hustler Casino Live cash game that featured Ninja and Mr Beast. Botez out-performed her opponents and in doing so, walked away the biggest winner. with a take-home value of over $450k after starting with $100k.

Botez got an entry in the $550 buy-in NLHE Hyper Turbo Freezeout on the second-to-last day of the series, one of the final events on the schedule, and she came out on top. She won a PokerStars spade trophy, $10,815 in prize money, and her first-ever live poker tournament victory.

Top Cashes

February 2, 2023$550 No-Limit Hold’em Hyper Turbo Freezeout – 2023 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure1st$10,815
February 1, 2023$3,300 No-Limit Hold’em Deep Stack – 2023 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure42nd$5,200
May 4, 2023€3,000 No-Limit Hold’em Mystery Bounty83rd$3,371

Hustler Casino Live Results

Stream #480 17 Jul 2023
Stream #470 26 Jun 2023
Stream #465 19 Jun 2023
Stream #455 05 Jun 2023
Stream #425 24 Apr 2023
Stream #417 12 Apr 2023
Stream #403 23 Mar 2023
Stream #353 12 Jan 2023
Net Profit
First Appearance
26 Apr 2022
Last Appearance
17 Jul 2023

Bally Live Poker Results

Stream #80 03 Jul 2024
Stream #79 02 Jul 2024
Net Profit
First Appearance
02 Jul 2024
Last Appearance
03 Jul 2024