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DGAF Poker
Name Billy
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Billy also known as DGAF, has been a world-class professional live cash poker player since 2007. He’s a successful podcaster, having released not one but two popular podcasts. He is a well-known high-stakes player who has made significant contributions to the poker community. More of his poker accomplishments and highlights will be covered here.

Who is DGAF?

DGAF is a poker player from California who is well-known in the poker community. He is a DGAFSessions podcaster, the Hustler Casino Live host at Max Pain Monday and Thirsty Thursday, and a regular participant. Also, he is the Pokerrags CEO, and he has been a part of the poker community for a long time and has accomplished a lot as a cash game poker player.

He has been praised by numerous accomplished pros for his strategic insights, bold honesty about the poker world, and ability to create a fun atmosphere at the tables.

DGAF: Early Life

DGAF was always a card player, even when he was a small kid. He liked the strategy, but more than that, he liked the psychology of it, the reads, the fake tells, and other such things.

He was playing High-Low Stud Limit Hold’em. DGAF was always having fun and doing well with his friends. He even played before the boom because he was the kid in the Indian casinos before the boom with all the old people.

Chris Moneymaker had just won in 2003, and ESPN did an excellent job of covering it. They then began a game at his local casino in Viejas, San Diego. He immediately went and joined in, and ever since, he had known that No Limit Hold’em was his game.

In 2004, he began attempting to improve his poker skills. He read books such as The Super System, Theory of Poker, and a few others.

He had a job back then and began as a delivery driver for a company that was eventually bought out by Grubhub. Within a few years, he’d risen to the position of regional manager. It was nice to have people to manage and develop, but he wasn’t making nearly as much as he was at the casino at night.

DGAF in Hustler Casino Live

Since 2007 until the present, DGAF has been playing the game of poker. He is the Hustler Casino Live host and a regular participant. Since then, he has gained popularity for his audacious insights and expertise in poker. Like all poker players, he has made money and experienced bad times. 


Without a doubt, DGAF ranks among the most popular and well-liked poker players on HCL, where He has had a significant impact. Although the course of DGAF’s poker career has taken an interesting turn, he has managed to remain successful and find the positive aspects of it.

Hustler Casino Live Results

Stream #632 29 Feb 2024
Stream #629 26 Feb 2024
Stream #627 22 Feb 2024
Stream #624 19 Feb 2024
Stream #619 12 Feb 2024
Stream #617 08 Feb 2024
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Stream #612 01 Feb 2024
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23 Mar 2022
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29 Feb 2024