Sia The Bot

Sia The Bot
Name Sia Qiu
Nickname Sia The Bot
Nationality Chinese
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Sia Qiu, widely recognized as Sia The Bot or Sia Q, is a poker player originally from China, she now resides in the United States. Her fame has skyrocketed through her performances on Hustler Casino Live, where her unconventional and aggressive Texas Hold’em playing style has turned heads. Beyond her poker skills, Sia’s captivating appearance has made her a beloved figure among poker enthusiasts, combining both talent and charm at the poker table.

Sia The Bot on Hustler Casino Live

Sia made her debut on HCL in October 2022, marking a promising beginning, even though she didn’t secure a win. As the year drew to a close, she wrapped up 2022 with earnings totaling $86,140, achieved in five episodes of HCL. A standout moment occurred during Episode 330 Max Pain Monday, where she demonstrated remarkable progress week by week. Beginning with a $5,000 chip stack, Sia steadily accumulated $30,820.

Sia Q also had a standout performance in Episode 385 against her close friend Sashimi. This resulted in a dramatic hand. Sashimi made a bold move against Sia The Bot, showcasing the competitive spirit that transcends their friendship. By the end of the night, Sia Q accumulated a $11,060 in profit.

Sia The Bot’s Poker Skills Continue to Rise

Sia Qiu’s poker results continued to gain momentum. In Episode 493 All Star Game, Sia faced seasoned pros like Andy Stacks, Mariano, and Wesley Fei. Sia joined the action and ended up winning $20,100.

In Episode 503 Thirsty Thursday, Sia Q started with $6,900 and eventually amassed an impressive $59,750 in winnings. Notably, this episode featured appearances by other well-known players like Nick Vertucci, DGAF, and Mike X. This remarkable achievement marks her highest earnings in a night to date since her debut in October 2022.

On September 21st 2023 , Episode 528 Thirsty Thursday, Sia Qiu won a crucial hand against Peter. This pivotal hand led to a substantial pot of $65K, with Sia emerging victorious with a flush. As the episode concluded, Sia Qiu ended the night with $37,960 in front of her.


As of September 27, Sia The Bot has secured an impressive $289,180 in net winnings. Her distinctive combination of beauty and ever-evolving poker skills has garnered a devoted following among the HCL audience. Viewers have also witnessed her notable progression on the show as she demonstrates her exceptional skills. Sia’s poker journey captivates enthusiasts, affirming her as a sensation talent in the poker community.

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