Wesley Flan

Wesley Flan
Name Wesley Flan
Nickname Wesley Fei, Weside Wesley
Nationality Chinese
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A well-known poker player named Wesley Flan has gained popularity recently due to his achievements. He participates regularly in the Hustler Casino Live Stream, where he has won over viewers with his impressive poker skills. Wes is well-known for playing poker as well as for his cryptocurrency investments, which are thought to have yielded a large fortune. Wesley Flan’s early life and poker career will all be covered in greater detail in this article.

Wesley Flan: Early Life

Wes was born in Guangzhou, China, in 1992, but his family moved to the US when he was still very young. He took an interest in computer science at the University of California, Los Angeles, developed an interest in poker during his time at UCLA, and also started participating in local games with his friends. After realizing he was skilled at the game, Wesley made the decision to take it more seriously.

Wesley Flan’s Poker Career and Highlights

In addition to becoming a well-liked guest on the WSOP Radio Show, he has also made appearances on a lot of exclusive podcasts. His success in the cryptocurrency industry has allowed him to earn an impressive net worth. Although he won’t make as much money playing poker as he would in the crypto industry, his enjoyment of the game has become undeniable, and he has no plans whatsoever to stop playing.

Flan is one of Hustler Casino Live’s most well-liked players, and he has a large online fan base. There are more than 40,000 followers on his Twitter account. Along with being a smart player at the table, he makes for a funny and entertaining host. He’s a keen observer as well, so it’s no surprise that he’s taken center stage on Hustler Casino Live’s social media accounts.


One of the most popular HCL players right now and a millionaire is Wesley Flan. He claims he is not afraid to play because he is rich and can afford to do so. Therefore, nothing he does or does while participating in any games or tournaments will have any impact on him because he is also a popular and successful person in the cryptocurrency community. Since his hiatus, which lasted from October of last year until now, he has only resumed playing for three months. As he was also having fun while playing and competing, he is now more than confident that he can succeed.

Hustler Casino Live Results

Stream #566 14 Nov 2024
Stream #519 08 Sep 2023
Stream #509 25 Aug 2023
Stream #507 23 Aug 2023
Stream #502 16 Aug 2023
Stream #499 11 Aug 2023
Stream #497 09 Aug 2023
Stream #494 04 Aug 2023
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12 Jan 2022
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14 Nov 2024