Mariano Grandoli

Mariano Grandoli
Name Mariano Grandoli
Nickname Mariano Poker
Nationality Argentine
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Mariano Grandoli was born in 1995 in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. He went to college at California State Fullerton College and studied Business and Economics. Although with a passion for music production, he moved to Citrus College which offered a program facilitating that.  While in college, Mariano was also a proficient soccer player.

Early Poker Days

Mariano started to follow the poker scene in college, specifically Andrew Neeme, who he says was the inspiration for the style of his stream. He had a job at Pizza Hut all through college and between work and college, he found time to study the game and occasionally play at The Gardens Casino where he’d play $1/$3 blinds. After Pizza Hut let him go for slacking off shifts (because he was playing poker) he decided to give the full-time poker player/vlogger lifestyle a shot.


Mariano has been creating poker content since February 2019 and is now a regular high-stakes cash game player. His early vlogs consisted of a few shots of the casino he was playing at followed by him reviewing the hands he’d played afterward while he was in his car. He has since evolved into one of the most popular and well-produced poker and lifestyle vlog channels on YouTube with close to 150k subscribers, a long way from doing hand reviews in his car.

Mariano Poker on YouTube posts 1 – 2 vlogs weekly and receives on average 100k views per video. Some of his videos are point-of-view footage of him at the table with graphics for the cards and pot, while some other videos are recordings from live streams he’s played with his voice-over, analyzing each step of the game.

Recently, Mariano has been seen playing high stakes poker on streams like Hustler Casino Live and Poker at The Lodge.


Mariano had subscribed to a pay-wall at Live At The Bike to watch old streams for the purpose of studying the best players at the time. This helped him to quickly develop himself into a highly respected and capable player who can play against the best in the game and hold his weight. With Mariano still in the first half-decade of his poker career, we imagine him only going up from here.

Hustler Casino Live Results

Stream #713 21 Jun 2024
Stream #711 19 Jun 2024
Stream #703 07 Jun 2024
Stream #701 05 Jun 2024
Stream #700 05 Jun 2024
Stream #692 24 May 2024
Stream #690 22 May 2024
Stream #688 17 May 2024
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First Appearance
01 Sep 2021
Last Appearance
21 Jun 2024

Poker at the Lodge Results

Stream #462 02 Jun 2024
Stream #461 01 Jun 2024
Stream #423 18 Feb 2024
Stream #422 17 Feb 2024
Stream #374 14 Oct 2023
Stream #373 13 Oct 2023
Stream #293 23 Apr 2023
Stream #292 22 Apr 2023
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First Appearance
03 Apr 2021
Last Appearance
02 Jun 2024