Mariano Involved in the Largest Pot Of the Night: PATL

Mariano Involved in the Largest Pot Of the Night: PATL

Mariano Involved In the Largest Pot Of the Night After Triple Barrel Bluff

Let’s look at the largest pot of the night at Poker At the Lodge between Mariano & Dylan with the blinds set at $25/50/100. The action was live-streamed on Poker At the Lodge’s YouTube Channel on the 1st of June 2024.

After a raise of $300 and several callers in front, Mariano ($35.7k)in the big blind amped up the heat when he put out a 3-bet to $2,300 while holding 1010 of Hearts99 of Hearts. Last to act was Dylan ($$33.2k) the UTG straddler who had woken up with a pretty decent hand AAce of ClubsQQueen of Hearts, he made the call. After a couple of folds, Elliott ($24.4k) in the High-Jack called holding 1010 of Spades1010 of Diamonds. Three players went to the flop with $7,550 in the middle.

Will Mariano Give Up Having Completely Whiffed the Flop?

Dylan had now taken the lead having flopped JJoker of ClubsAAce of Spades66 of Clubs a pair of Aces. Even though he had completely missed, this did not prevent Mariano from betting $2,400 out of position. Dylan made the call, leading Elliott to make an easy laydown.

The Turn 77 of Spades had given Mariano a glimmer of hope, he had now picked up a gutshot on a board that was getting wetter by the minute. Knowing the equity he had just picked up was slim, he fired out a bet of $6,000. Dylan made the call, and the pair went to the river with $24,350 in Play.

Will Mariano decide to give up after the 22 of Diamonds brick on the river? of course not! it’s not in his DNA. He continued to sell his story with a huge $18,000 bet on the River. Dylan immediately looked surprised by the sheer size of the bet, asking the question “do you have Ace-jack?”. He then asked, “Or is this a pure bluff?” Dylan went on to call and scooped the $50k+ pot.

Check out the video below to see the hand play out.