There’s a New Fish in Town: Octocrab!

There’s a New Fish in Town: Octocrab!

Kiero Is a Big Fan of OctoCrab

There’s a new hand in town and its name? Octocrab! the hand has been getting a lot of love recently, mainly due to Hesham “Kiero” Elkhouly, a big fan of the hand. Kiero is the creative director behind the scenes at Bally Live Poker. He loves the Hand so much, that he has a emoji of a crab in his X Profile.

Will Octocrab Manage to Hold?

The hand was played at Bally Live Poker between  Dr H & fish Bruce. The action was live-streamed on Bally Live Poker’s YouTube channel on the 5th of June 2024. The blinds were $25/50 + a $50 BB big blind ante.

Dr.H had just taken a big hit against Harry, and only had a few K behind.

Four players made it to the flop, each putting in $100 a Piece. Fish Bruce ($30.4k) had by far the best of the 33 of Spades1010 of Diamonds88 of Clubs board, with his Octocrab 88 of Diamonds33 of Diamonds flopping two pairs. Dr.H ($2k) had picked up top pair with a King kicker, KKing of Clubs1010 of Spades.

The doctor bet out $150, and Bruce responded with a raise to $700, which was instantly met by a jam “All in” from Dr.H. Will Octocrab manage to hold?

Bruce was gleaming with joy tabling his hand excitedly, hoping that his hand could hold. And hold it did, “Octobcrap” Bruce exclaimed.

Check out the video below to see the hand play out.

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