Gazzy B Is all Out Aggressive vs Dr. H at Bally Live Poker

Gazzy B Is all Out Aggressive vs Dr. H at Bally Live Poker

Gazzy B Amps up the Heat vs. the Doctor

Two streams in two days? Bally Live Poker is officially back. Let’s look at this hand played between YouTube vlogger Gary “Gazzy B” Blackwood and Dr H. The action was live-streamed on Bally Live Poker’s YouTube channel on the 5th of June 2024. The blinds were $25/50 + a $50 BB big blind ante.

Dr. H ($15.4k) in the cutoff got the hand underway with a raise to $500 with AAce of Clubs1010 of Hearts. After a couple of folds, it was now Gazzy B’s ($9.7k) turn to act in the Big Blind. He responded with a very large 3-bet to $2,400. the UTG straddler folded, and it was now up to the doctor to proceed. He made the call, and the pair went to the flop with $5k in the middle.

the flop came down 22 of Diamonds44 of Clubs55 of Hearts giving both players a gutshot, Gary remained in the lead with his superior kicker. First to act, taking into account that he only had $7.3k left behind, with the pot standing at $5k, Gary ripped it “All in”. The Doctor was a little bamboozled by Gazzy B’s jam and must have known he was still going to be behind all of the bigger Ace x’s. Dr. H still made the call and was an underwhelming dog to win the $19.6k pot. both players agreed to run it twice.

The first run-out 99 of Clubs, QQueen of Spades was sweat free for Gary who guaranteed himself half of the pot with his jack kicker playing.

The second runout however was a lot more sweatier, Dr.H took the lead when the 1010 of Diamonds landed on the turn. Gazzy would now have to hit a diamond or a Jack to scoop the pot. Unfortunately for him the KKing of Clubs meant the pair were now chopping up the pot.

Check out the video below to see the hand play out.