Not What The Doctor Ordered: The River Suckout

Not What The Doctor Ordered: The River Suckout

Dr.H takes a Hit to the Gut With River Suckout

Dr.H likely had to self-prescribe after this River suckout at Bally Live Poker. Let’s look at this hand played between  Dr H & Harry. The action was live-streamed on Bally Live Poker’s YouTube channel on the 5th of June 2024. The blinds were $25/50 + a $50 BB big blind ante.

The doctor ($11.9k) got things underway from UTG with a raise to $350 while holding baby-suited connectors 33 of Diamonds22 of Diamonds. In the small blind Harry ($46k) with low-suited connectors 77 of Clubs44 of Clubs made the call. Last to act Fish Bruce ($30.6k) in the third blind also called, holding AAce of Diamonds66 of Diamonds. Three players went to the Flop with $1.2k in the middle.

The flop was an all-low affair 22 of Spades66 of Clubs77 of Spades hitting Harry the best with a pair of sevens, Dr.H had flopped a pair of deuces. The action was checked to the pre-flop aggressor, who responded with a half-pot bet of $650. Harry made the call, having completely missed, Bruce mucked. Two to the turn, with the pot now standing at $2.5k.

the Spiciest of Turns

What a spicy turn 33 of Clubs. Dr.H had now picked up two pairs, whereas Harry had picked up a flush draw + a Gutshot to go with his pair of sevens. With the board being as wet as it was, Dr.H had no intention of betting his two pairs lightly. $2,000 was the price he charged his opponent. Harry made a quick call, and off to the river they went.

Harry checked it over to his opponent for a third time, after the QQueen of Clubs on the river had made his flush. Believing his two pairs to still be good, Dr.H bet out $6,000 which left him just $2.9k behind. Surprisingly Harry just flatted, which in hindsight he must have regretted, it was very unlikely his opponent would have had a flush as well.

check out the video below to see the hand play out.

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