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Professor Poker
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Professor poker is based in Los Angeles, California. He has ventured into the high-stakes cash game arena of Hustler Casino Live. Although his personal life remains shrouded in mystery, we can certainly explore his captivating journey within the realm of HCL.

Professor’s Poker Journey on Hustler Casino Live

Professor’s journey on Hustler Casino Live has been marked by both challenging moments and significant wins. Having made 11 appearances, he has had competed alongside renowned players like Tom Dwan, Andy Tsai, Mikki Masse, and others. During his debut in July 2023, Professor faced a challenging start with losses totaling $844,000 in his initial three appearances.

However, his fortunes took a positive turn on his fourth appearance, where he ended the stream with a profit of $98,000—his highest profit to date. In his most recent appearance on September 1, 2023, Professor walked away with a $87,600 profit. Tsai, on the other hand, earned a $115,400 profit.

PLO on Hustler Casino Live: Professor Scoops $200K Pot with Trips and Prop Bet Win

Last July, Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) took center stage on Hustler Casino Live, following its growing popularity, especially evident in this year’s World Series of Poker. The “Tom and Airball Show” featured high-stakes $500/$500 PLO cash games. This highlighted the unique action and massive swings that make PLO beloved among players. A memorable hand involved Professor, who raised with trip tens. 

Professor entered the pot with a $10,000 raise, holding trip tens, prompted by an enticing prop bet promising an extra $5,000 to the winner. After facing a three-bet to $34,000 and a button call from Dwan, Professor pushed the pot to $111,000, retaining only $16,000. Dwan had the highest equity at 61% with a pair, straight draw, and flush draw while Professor held the better hand with just 20% equity, consisting of a pair of tens and backdoor straight and flush draws. Despite the odds, Professor pushed the remaining $16,000 into the pot, reaching a total of $163,000.

With Professor technically in the lead, they decided to run it twice, with Dwan failing to catch up both times. As a result, Professor won the trips and secured the additional $5,000 prop bet—a nearly $200,000 win. For full story, we invite you to watch the video and see how it all unfolded:


Professor’s poker journey on Hustler Casino Live is a captivating tale of resilience and skills. His ability to bounce back from early losses and secure substantial profits demonstrates his skill and determination. Furthermore, the rising popularity of PLO on the show enhances the excitement, exemplified by Professor’s memorable trip tens hand.

Hustler Casino Live Results

Stream #618 09 Feb 2024
Stream #603 19 Jan 2024
Stream #573 – HCL (Super High Stakes Week) 01 Dec 2023
Stream #572 – (Super High Stakes Week) 30 Nov 2023
Stream #571 – (Super High Stakes Week) 29 Nov 2023
Stream #570 – (Super High Stakes Week) 28 Nov 2023
Stream #549 20 Oct 2023
Stream #548 19 Oct 2023
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18 Jul 2023
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09 Feb 2024