Mikki Mase

Mikki Mase
Name Michael David Meiterman
Nickname Dirty Goth Boi, Mikki The Gambler
Nationality American
Age 32
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Mikki Mase, whose real name is Michael David Meiterman, wears many hats – he’s a seasoned entrepreneur, a business owner and professional gambler and Poker player. Mikki’s also been banned from major casinos in Las Vegas due to his consistent triumphs at the house of Baccarat. If you’re a fan of high-stakes action, you may have already tuned in to watch Mikki in action on Hustler Casino Live.

Mikki Mase Early Life

Mikki, born on October 27, 1991, in New Jersey, was introduced to the world of cards and gambling at a tender age by his gambling enthusiast grandparents, who saw card games as a means of bonding and friendly wagering with pocket change. These early experiences impoved his analytical skills, which would later prove invaluable in his career as a professional gambler.

However, when he moved to New York at the age of 20, Mikki Masse’s life took a tumultuous turn. He became homeless, engaged in local gang crime, lived on the streets and participated in criminal activities. His path towards redemption began when a friend extended an invitation to start anew in South Florida. There, he initially took on the humble role of a toilet scrubber in a tattoo shop, determined to distance himself from drugs and maintain sobriety as he embarked on the journey of rebuilding his life.

Mikki Mase Poker on Hustler Casino Live

Mikki made his inaugural appearance on HCL’s Episode 4 last August 2021, participating in a high-stakes 50/100 No-Limit Hold’em cash game with a $100 ante big blind. The episode also featured renowned poker player, Antonio Esfandiari. As the episode drew to a close, Mikki’s performance saw him amass an impressive $119,500. This contrasted with the chip counts of Andy Stacks and Esfandiari, with $82,025 and $88,175 in deficits, respectively.

In Hustler Casino Live Episode 60, a $200/$400 No-Limit Hold’em game unfolded. Renowned poker players, including Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan, graced the table with their presence. 

In a poker hand, Garrett Adelstein opens with Ace-King and Mikki makes an aggressive four-bet with a weak hand. Garrett eventually folded when faced with a $60K bet on the river. Mikki’s triumphant bluff wins the pot, revealing his deceptive strategy of consistent betting tactics.

Mikki’s Chip Stack Triumph: From $50,000 To $550,000

In HCL’s Episode 264, Mikki experienced some intense moments and swings in his chip stack. Despite setbacks, Mikki’s chip stack varied. Fatigued but determined, he played into the early hours, aiming for a comeback.

Mikki Mase Beating Las Vegas and Controversy

Mikki’s gambling journey began in his youth, and he eventually moved to Las Vegas, shifting from modest wins to substantial baccarat earnings. However, Mikki’s strategy remains undisclosed. He also stands among the group of four baccarat players banned in Las Vegas. Reportedly investing $50 million in his winning algorithm, Mikki scored a remarkable $11 million in one Vegas casino session before the ban.

Despite online rumors, there is no evidence supporting the claim that Mikki Mase has been arrested. Mikki is unafraid of controversy, having exposed a casino cheating scandal. He suspected the casino of cheating multiple times when he noticed discrepancies in the computer data during hands. While he may have faced arrest charges in the past, he currently enjoys freedom and remains unarrested, debunking many speculations and continues gambling in Los Angeles—offshore locations and private games. For full story, you may watch the video here.


Mikki Mase, a multifaceted figure in the world of gambling, has a tumultuous past but has risen as a professional gambler and poker player. His strategic skills and performances have garnered attention in the poker scene and casino gaming. Despite controversies and rumors of arrests, he continues to pursue his gambling endeavors.

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