Mikki Mase Returns to the Felt at Bally Live Poker

Mikki Mase Returns to the Felt at Bally Live Poker

Mikki Mase Returns Playing High Stakes PLO: And Makes Quads!

After a prolonged absence, Mikki Mase returned to action having last been seen at Hustler Casino Live last August. It is Mikki’s first livestream since being detained by police back in April. Let’s look at this hand where Mikki Makes Quads, will he get called on the River?

The hand was played at Bally Live Poker between Mikki Mase & Jamie. The action was live-streamed on Bally Live Poker’s YouTube channel on the 12th of June 2024. The blinds were $10/$20

Five players limped into the pot after a UTG straddle by Yung , creating a $200 pot.

After a flop of AAce of Hearts33 of Clubs1010 of Diamonds Mikki Mase ($9k) QQueen of DiamondsJJoker of Diamonds33 of Hearts33 of Diamonds had picked up a set of threes. The only other player to connect with the board was Jamie ($2.4k) AAce of Clubs1010 of Spades88 of Clubs66 of Clubs she had flopped top two. She was the first to act and led out with a bet of $200. The rest of the table folded and the action was back on Mikki. Believing his set of threes to be good, he raised it to $800. The bet was called and to the Turn they went with $1,800 in the middle.

The turn was the 22 of Hearts a card that made the wheel straight draw, first to act Mikki checked it over, leading Jamie to check back.

Just Quads for Mikki! after the 33 of Spades landed on the river. First to act Mikki said “Maximum” indicating he was betting pot, which equated to $1,800. After a little thought, Jamie made a good laydown with her top two on the board.

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