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LSG Hank
Nickname LSG Hank
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LSG Hank is a well-known name in the poker and cryptocurrency communities. Hank is a skilled Chinese poker player who is well-known for his abilities at the table. Aside from his poker skills, he also works as a crypto hedge fund manager, navigating the unpredictable world of digital assets. You can catch him on Hustler Casino Live, a thrilling high-stakes cash game show. 

LSG Hank Poker Journey on Hustler Casino Live

LSG Hank has made a total of 12 appearances on the show. His first appearance was in Episode 254, which aired in August 2022. There, he played against notable players such as two-time WSOP bracelet winner Espen Jorstad, Garrett Adelstein, and Andy Stacks. He did, however, lose $20,400 on the stream. 

He then appeared in two more episodes before the end of 2022. His memorable moment occurred in Episode 344, which aired on December 20, 2022. In this particular episode, he made his largest profit to date, winning $199,400.

In 2023, Hank had already appeared in nine episodes. During these episodes, one of his most notable accomplishments was competing in HCL’s Million Dollar Game. He was at the table with Tom Dwan, Doug Polk, Nik Airball, Rob Yong, Wesley, and others.

Doug Polk and LSG Hank, played a memorable poker hand in this episode,where he won a $1.4 million pot. Polk had pocket aces, and Hank pulled off a daring bluff, going all-in for $937K. If Polk had called, the pot would have risen to an incredible $2.15 million. The dramatic hand can be seen in the video below.

Lastly, Hank’s most recent appearance was on Episode 474, which aired on June 30, and he managed to make a profit of $47,200. Hank then earned a total of $118,425 in net winnings from his 12 appearances.


LSG Hank is a well-known poker player and cryptocurrency hedge fund manager who has made significant contributions to both worlds. With 12 appearances on Hustler Casino Live, he has had his ups and downs, winning a total of $118,425. Also, his daring poker moves have kept him as a captivating figure in the high-stakes poker scene.

Hustler Casino Live Results

Stream #474 30 Jun 2023
Stream #472 28 Jun 2023
Stream #469 23 Jun 2023
Stream #454 02 Jun 2023
Stream #451 (Million Dollar Game) 30 May 2023
Stream #373 09 Feb 2023
Stream #369 03 Feb 2023
Stream #349 06 Jan 2023
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12 Aug 2022
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30 Jun 2023