Frank “NextGen Frankie” Cucchiara

Frank “NextGen Frankie” Cucchiara
Name Frank “NextGen Frankie” Cucchiara
Nickname NextGen Frankie
Nationality American
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Frank Cucchiara, who is also recognized as NextGen Frankie, is an American poker player and content creator based in Kansas City, Missouri. Furthermore, he holds a prominent position as one of the founding members of NextGenPoker, a major media organization specializing in concise poker content. 

In his poker career, he has amassed a total of $64.7K in live earnings, with his highest single cash prize amounting to $50.9K. Additionally, he is an experienced high-stakes cash game participant, having featured in live-streamed programs like Hustler Casino Live and Big Bet Poker Live. Notably, Frankie has achieved a net win of $1.3K on HCL.

Frank Cucchiara: Early Life

Frank Cucchiara aspires to engage in full-time filmmaking. His affection for YouTube has been with him since the tender age of six. Frank made a significant career shift by leaving his engineering job to dedicate himself to creating narratives for his audience. Furthermore, he holds the role of co-creator at NextGenPoker. It represents the new generation of poker players influenced by the modern greats like Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, Tom Dwan

Cucchiara is a graduate of Southern Methodist University, completing his studies in May 2022. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Operations Research and Engineering Management, with a minor in Economics. During his time at SMU, he simultaneously held a position as an undergraduate project manager, which provided him with valuable management experience. Alongside his academic pursuits, he manages a YouTube channel that showcases his poker experiences, boasting a subscriber base of over 7,000 individuals. In addition, he has showcased his girlfriend, Kitty Kuo, on his channel. She is recognized as one of the prominent female poker players in Asia, amassing an impressive total of over $3.4 million in live earnings.

Frankie’s Poker Journey: From $10 Home Games to High-Stakes Challenges

Frankie Cucchiara’s early poker journey was marked by several significant events that shaped his career. It all began with casual games among college friends, where they each put in $10, creating the foundation for his love of poker. Within a few months, he ventured into the world of casino poker, initially facing losses but soon experiencing a remarkable turnaround. Playing a $1-$2 game at Winstar Casino, he turned his $200 buy-in into an impressive $1,000 on a Friday night, igniting his passion for the game.

Following this early success, Frankie spent over a year consistently playing at the $1-$2 stakes, contemplating a move to higher stakes like $2-$5. During this phase, he connected with a supportive group of poker professionals who mentored him through the transition to more challenging games. The journey to $2-$5 was challenging, filled with initial struggles, but he persisted, gradually building confidence and crediting his friends and coaches for their encouragement and guidance.

During a two-year period, Frankie’s dedication to poker deepened. He immersed himself in extensive poker study and started creating poker-related content on YouTube. As his skills and knowledge grew, he began taking shots at even higher stakes, such as $5-$10, $10-$20, and $20-$40 games.

Frankie Cucchiara on Hustler Casino Live

Cucchiara made his debut on Max Pain Monday in Episode 310 in October 2022. He joined a $10/20 No Limit Hold ’em game alongside players like DGAF, Sashimi, Margaux, and others. On his first outing, Frankie performed admirably, ending the evening with a notable win of $7K.

In December 2022, he returned for Max Pain Monday Episode 330. Once again, Cucchiara participated in a $10/20 No Limit Hold ’em game, this time with players including Sia The Bot, Nick Austin, Rosey, and others. Impressively, he maintained his winning streak during his second appearance and walked away with an additional $4.8K in earnings.

Frankie Cucchiara’s Live Tournament Participation

Frankie Cucchiara’s live earnings amount to a total of $64.7K. His most significant single cash prize of $50.9K was achieved by finishing in 229th place in the $10,000 No Limit Hold’em event during the 54th World Series of Poker in Las Vegas in July 2023.

Cucchiara embarked on his live tournament journey in April 2022, starting with the $600 No Limit Hold’em event at the WPT Steps in Dallas. His performance in this tournament led to a 16th place finish, earning him $1.1K. 

In contrast, his most recent live tournament was in October 2023, when he participated in the ₫ 7,650,000 + 850,000 No Limit Hold’em event at the Poker Dream 7 in Hoi An, Vietnam. Frankie secured the 96th position and cashed out $1.7K


Frankie Cucchiara’s poker journey is a testament to his unwavering passion and determination. His transition from engineering to filmmaking and co-creating NextGenPoker showcases the courage to chase one’s dreams. Through YouTube, he shares his poker adventures with a growing audience. Frankie’s story reminds us that poker success is about more than just cards – it’s about effort, dedication, and the support of believers. With his talent and ambition, we anticipate more thrilling chapters in his journey.

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