Pipi Missed the Flush But Wins $118k Pot?

Pipi Missed the Flush But Wins $118k Pot?

Pipi’s Luck trickled to the River Vs Peter At Hustler Casino Live

Having ran hot during the Million Dollar Game, Peter’s Luck changed for the worse last week at Hustler Casino Live. Let’s take a look at this hand where Pipi Missed the Flush but still ended up winning a huge Pot. The action was live-streamed on Hustler Casino’s YouTube channel. Peter & Pipi battled with the blinds at $100/$200 + a $200 BB Ante.

In the +1 Pipi ($100,700) got the action underway with a raise to $700 while holding 66 of Clubs55 of Clubs. Next to act Peter ($98,600) beefed up the pot with a 3-bet to $3,000 with KKing of SpadesJJoker of Spades. After a couple of folds the action was now on Pipi, who made the call, and the pair went to the flop with $6,500 in the middle.

Both players had picked up a part of the board after KKing of Diamonds44 of Clubs1010 of Clubs was revealed, Peter now had a pair of Kings, Whilst Pipi was drawing to the club flush draw. After being checked to Peter bet out large with a $6,000 bet. His opponent called and to the Turn they went.

Pipi Pick’s up a Pair of Sixes

The Turn 66 of Spades brought Pipi a pair of sixes and furthered his outs. he could now hit a Five, six, or club. Once again it was checked over to Peter, who fired out a huge $15,000 bet. the call was made, and going to the River there was now $48,500 in the pot.

what a way to win the hand! Pipi had now made trip sixes after the 66 of Hearts landed on the river. What made it worse for Peter, he could never put his opponent on trip sixes. 6x of clubs makes sense, but still very tough to presume your opponent had that, although likely.

Peter Went for a final value bet on the River and the bet was large. $35,000 was the amount Pipi faced. Rather than Jam “all in” he took the conservative approach and just flatted. What a way For Pipi to scoop the monstrous $118k pot.

you can see the hand and other hands where Peter was unfortunate, in the video below.

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