Tom Dwan Vs Peter Round Two! Huge $262k Pot

Tom Dwan Vs Peter Round Two! Huge $262k Pot

Dwan Vs Peter continues in Wednesday Night’s Special High Roller Stream at Hustler Casino Live

After battling hard together during the million dollar Game, Tom Dwan vs Peter is becoming quite the face-off. Who will come out on top in this fiery pot at Hustler Casino Live. The action was live-streamed on Hustler Casino’s YouTube channel on the 12th of June 2024. The hand was played between Dwan & Peter, with the blinds at $100/$200 + a $200 BB Ante

Pipi ($181,100) in the +1 got the hand underway with a raise to $1,200 with 99 of Diamonds88 of Spades. After several folds Dwan ($136,900) in position on the button flatted with pocket sevens 77 of Diamonds77 of Clubs.

In the small blind Peter ($130,100) looked down at AAce of Spades55 of Clubs that was good enough for him to 3-bet the action to $7,200. the third blind and the straddlers folded, and the action was now back on Pipi, He folded.

After jokingly saying “GTO” which stands for “Game Theory Optimal” Dwan made the call—Headsup to the flop, with $16,400 in the middle.

Dwan in Heaven With a Set of Sevens

What a flop it was! AAce of Hearts77 of Spades1010 of Diamonds Peter had made a Pair of Aces, whereas Tom had flopped insanely well with a set of Sevens. First to act, Peter continued his pre-flop aggression, with a lead-out bet of $5,500. Usually, on a relatively dry board, a player would flat to keep your opponent believing they have the best hand. Not Tom though, these guys have history! and if Peter does have an Ace, he is unlikely to fold anyway given his loose style of play.

The raise from Dwan was $16,000, leaving Peter a $10,500 bet into $37,900 pot. He made the call, the pot now stood at $48,400.

On the Turn the QQueen of Spades was revealed, King-Jack had just gotten there, unlikely for Peter to have it, Tom however could have aggressively semi-bluffed the flop. This did not prevent him from leading out with a feeler bet of $15,000. Once again Dwan had no intention of slow playing his set, as he raised it to $48,000. After much consideration, Peter Jammed “All in, which was immediately snapped off. Wow! Just like that, there was $262k in the middle going Dwan’s way.

Check out the video below to see the hand play out.