Tom Dwan’s Misery Vs Peter Continued into Day 2

Tom Dwan’s Misery Vs Peter Continued into Day 2

Tom Dwan’s Misery Continued into Day 2: The Million Dollar Game

Dwan’s misfortune continued against Peter during day two of the Million Dollar Game. Tom Dwan ended day one down around a million, largely due to him losing a colossus pot against a player fast becoming his nemesis.

Let’s dive into this hand that occurred on the 29th of May, 2024, at Hustler Casino Live during day 2 of the Million Dollar game. The blinds were $500/$1000 + a $2k BB Ante. Hustler Casino Live’s YouTube channel live-streamed the action.

Will Dwan Be able to get away from his flopped straight?

In the High-Jack Handz ($1.527M) got the hand underway with a raise to $5k with AAce of Spades99 of Spades. This was met by a call from Peter ($1.009M) in the Cut-off who had been dealt QQueen of Spades1010 of Diamonds and in the big blind Dwan ($960k) called an extra $4k to see the flop with JJoker of Hearts88 of Clubs. Last to act was Doug Polk ($1.062M), the UTG Straddler, he put in $3k with KKing of Hearts88 of Hearts. Four players went to the Flop with $19.5k in the middle.

Dwan Flops a Queen High Straight

The Flop QQueen of Diamonds1010 of Spades99 of Hearts was an action-packed one with each player picking up a piece. Dwan had flopped by far the best, having flopped a Queen-high straight. Peter had flopped top two, While Handz had made a pair of Nines, with a backdoor spade flushdraw. Polk had the worst of it, but had some Equity, with a gut shot + a backdoor hearts flush draw.

The action was checked around to Peter who was last to act. He bet out with a smallish bet of $6k. Dwan with the intention to trap on later streets, just flatted. Little did Tom know the trap would work instantaneously, Polk had raised it to $32k. Both Dwan & Peter made the call, going to the Turn, the pot now stood at a huge $119k.

Tom Dwan slow plays his flopped straight.
Tom Dwan slow plays his flopped straight

After the 44 of Clubs on the Turn Polk second to act, gave up on trying to represent having had two callers prior. the hand was checked around.

Peter Continues to Run Hot in the Million Dollar Game

Wow! Peter continues to run hot, his two pair turned into a full house after the QQueen of Hearts was revealed on the River. Although disliking the paired board, Dwan decided if he was to get value he had better bet now. He led into his opponents with a sizeable bet of $72k. Polk folded, and the action was now on Peter, who was sitting with the stone-cold nuts.

After a little thought, Peter raised it $224k, Tom looked confused, asking the question, can you really keep on having it? After a few minutes of trying to work it out, Tom made the call and received the bad news when Peter said “Nuts” claiming the $567k pot.

Check out the video below to see the hand play out.