Texas Card House

The first poker club in Texas, Texas Card House, was established in 2015 by Ryan Crow. Crow also owns and manages six card rooms. Locations include Austin, Spring, Rio Grande Valley, Houston, Las Colinas, and Dallas. They offer poker games like Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha, and others.

It is also known as TCH Live, broadcasts live poker tournaments, cash games, and other events.

Texas Card House Stream History

TCH was founded in Austin in 2015 with the goal of bringing safe, first-class poker to players across Texas. The club has several locations throughout Texas where members can enjoy various forms of poker in an upscale social club with professional dealers and the best rewards program in the country.

What is Texas Card House Live?

Texas Card House Live is a licensed poker room. Locations included Austin, Spring, the Rio Grande Valley, Houston, Las Colinas, and Dallas. TCH does not have cash game rakes since it’s illegal in Texas to take rakes out of pots. However, there is a membership fee of $10 for one day, $30 for a month, and $300 for entire year. Apart from poker, it does not provide any other casino games.

Poker is legal to play in Texas, but there are strict gambling regulations. However, some law-abiding individuals examined the legislation and discovered some gaps in the gambling regulations.

According to Texas law, for gambling to be considered illegal, money must be taken as a rake or a fee from the game’s actual play. The card rooms bypassed this by taking nothing from the pots and instead charging players a “membership fee” to enter the establishment. Apart from some food and non-alcoholic drinks, the poker rooms don’t profit from the game of poker itself because all of the money wagered at the tables goes to the players, not the house.