Name Ludwig Anders Ahgren
Nickname Ludwig
Nationality American
Streams on

Ludwig Anders Ahgren, also known as Ludwig, is a popular Twitch Streamer and YouTuber. He was also a participant in Creator Poker Night 2022, alongside well-known content creators such as Alexandra Botez, Ninja, MrBeast, Sykkuno, and others.

Who Is Ludwig?

Ludwig is a live streamer, YouTuber, podcaster, comedian, esports commentator, and competitor from the United States. He is best known for his live streams on Twitch from 2018 to late 2021 and on YouTube beginning in late 2021, where he broadcasts video games, shows, and contests. He is also well-known as an esports commentator for various Super Smash Bros. games. Ludwig co-founded the esports organization Moist Esports. On February 16, 2019, he began streaming full-time.

Ludwig Early Life

He was born in Hollis, New Hampshire, on July 6, 1995. Ahgren is of Swedish and French ancestry. He was a member of the Tempe Underground (formerly Tempe Late Night) stand-up and improv comedy club while attending Arizona State University. In 2017, he earned dual degrees in English literature and journalism.

Ludwig Poker Participation In Hustler Casino Live

Ludwig made his first appearance on Hustler Casino Live in April 2022, in Episode 181. He had the opportunity to play with well-known poker players and content creators. He lost $6,155 in that episode, while Anthony Bruno, a poker player, won the most money, $7,385.

He didn’t stop there and returned in May 2022 to participate in the same event, Creator Poker Night at Episode 185. He then won a whopping $404,700, which surprised many people.

Alexandra Botez won the Creator Poker Night event, taking home $456,900.


Ludwig is a well-known figure outside of the poker world. He had made a name for himself on YouTube, Twitch, and other social media platforms, but his participation in the HCL has increased his visibility in the poker community. Many are wondering if he will continue his poker career after his unexpected win of $404,700, but if he does, we will be here to cover him more.

Hustler Casino Live Results

Stream #185 01 May 2022
Stream #181 26 Apr 2022
Net Profit
First Appearance
26 Apr 2022
Last Appearance
01 May 2022