Kylie “Sharkbae” Maelyn

Kylie “Sharkbae” Maelyn
Name Kylie Maelyn
Nickname Sharkbae
Nationality American
Age 21
Streams on

Kylie Maelyn, or commonly known as “Sharkbae,” is an American content creator and poker player from Jacksonville, Florida. She has played in the high-stakes cash game show, Hustler Casino Live.

Kylie Maelyn Poker Journey on Hustler Casino Live

Kylie “Sharkbae” Maelyn made her debut on the live cash game show, Hustler Casino Live at Hustler Casino in Garden, California, alongside fellow content creator, Erika “Airika” Calabrese.

The event unfolded on Max Pain Monday’s Episode 556, which aired on 23rd October 2023. The game featured stakes with a format set at $10/20/40. Sharkbae shared the table alongside HCL regulars such as DGAF, Nate Hill, DQ, co-owner Nick Vertucci, and several others. However, Sharkbae concluded the show with an incurred loss of $12,300. 

Hustler Casino Live Results

Stream #632 29 Feb 2024
Stream #612 01 Feb 2024
Stream #550 23 Oct 2023
Net Profit
First Appearance
23 Oct 2023
Last Appearance
29 Feb 2024

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