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Jibrael is a Los Angeles-based American poker player, lawyer, and professional bodybuilder. He is an exclusive high-stakes cash game player who has appeared on Hustler Casino Live several times. Jibrael is currently down191K (at the time of writing) on HCL.

Jibrael’s Poker Journey on Hustler Casino Live

Jibrael has appeared on HCL nine times as of this writing. He made his HCL debut in Episode 362 in January 2023. Jibrael competed in the $25/50/100 No Limit Hold ‘em with well-known players such as Nik Airball, Brown Balla, Pepe and others. He didn’t have a very lucky episode; when the game ended, he was down nearly $52K.

The same can be said for his appearance in HCL Episode 363, which aired in the same month, January 2023. After losing a $5/5/100 Ante Game to Alec Torelli, Mariano, Mike Matusow and others, he dropped another $44K.

He returned to HCL in the 376th Episode a month later, February 2023. His luck turned around when he won $12.1K. It featured a No Limit Hold’em game for $25/50. When the game began, he had a $20,000 buy-in. He was able to increase his chip count, and by the end of the game, he had more than $52K in chips.

Jibrael returned in HCL Episode 377 in February 2023, hoping to continue his winning streak. He competed in the $25/50/100 No Limit Hold’em. Unfortunately, Jibrael suffered his most significant loss in this episode. When the game ended, he was down nearly $74K

In HCL Episode 413 streamed April 2023, Jibrael added nearly $14.9K to his bankroll after playing $10/20/40 No Limit Hold ‘em, with buy-ins ranging from $6,500 to $20,000. Jibrael brought in for $18K and ended the night just shy of $52K. This was by far, his biggest win on HCL.

Jibrael has a running net loss of more than $191K. He made his last appearance in HCL Episode 414 in April 2023. He took part in the $100/200 No Limit Hold ‘em game alongside Dentist Dave, Bobo, Ben Lee and others.


Jibrael is a lawyer and professional bodybuilder who enjoys playing poker on the side. He appeared on Hustler Casino Live all in the same year 2023, implying that he was just getting started in his poker career. Jibrael persevered despite all of his losses and setbacks, and we look forward to seeing him redeem himself in the name of the game.

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Stream #573 – HCL (Super High Stakes Week) 01 Dec 2023
Stream #414 07 Apr 2023
Stream #413 06 Apr 2023
Stream #412 05 Apr 2023
Stream #398 16 Mar 2023
Stream #397 15 Mar 2023
Stream #377 15 Feb 2023
Stream #376 14 Feb 2023
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