Elvis “Pepe” Lopez

Elvis “Pepe” Lopez
Name Elvis Lopez
Nickname Pepe
Nationality Mexican
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Pepe who’s real name is Elvis Lopez, frequently joins high-stakes cash games at Hustler Casino Live and made a single appearance on Big Bet Poker, amassing impressive net winnings of $264,200. Despite the mystery surrounding him, we can only gather a few clues. He clearly enjoys gambling, even though we know little about his personal life. His poker achievements and the source of his bankroll also remain hidden.

Pepe Poker Journey on Hustler Casino Live

Pepe’s journey on Hustler Casino Live has been marked by significant progress. His first appearance on Episode 235 in July 2022 ended with a profit of $10,130, setting the stage for his poker trajectory. In the subsequent year, 2023, he has made 27 appearances on the show—at the time of writing. Pepe has accumulated total net winnings of $107,700 from all his appearances. Now, let’s explore one of the memorable hands that unfolded during his HCL journey.

Pepe Scoops $175K Pot: Leaving the King Down $39K

In Episode 522 of HCL, which aired on September 13, 2023, a dramatic final hand unfolded between The King and Pepe. The King decided to go all-in with his entire $87,875 stack, Pepe, unfazed, called the bet.

The cards were dealt, and The King confidently revealed K♦8♠, while Pepe kept everyone guessing by showing only the 9♠, leaving his second card concealed. However, the RFID reader had already picked up Pepe’s second hole card, which was the 7♦.

The flop came 7♥K♦7♠, creating an intense situation in this heads-up showdown. Despite Pepe’s exposed card, The King taunted him, believing Pepe’s chances were slim.

However, the turn and river cards, 5♥ and 10♥, changed nothing. In a dramatic moment, Pepe triumphantly slammed his hidden card and claimed the $175,850 pot. This marked the end of The King’s journey at Hustler Casino, leaving him down $39,925 for the day.

As The King attempted to bid farewell, Pepe remained silent and unresponsive. Despite being slightly ahead before the six-figure showdown, he ended the stream with a profit of $102,775.


Pepe’s mystique in the high-stakes poker world continues to grow as he amasses impressive winnings. Stay tuned for more from this player in future Hustler Casino Live episodes.

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