Britney Poker

Britney Poker
Name Britney
Nationality Chinese
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Britney is a Chinese poker player as well as a Wild Animal Trainer. She plays high-stakes cash games but hasn’t been seen in any live tournaments. Britney has appeared on Hustler Casino Live multiple times. Notably, she is Peter’s sister, the current highest winner in HCL history.

Britney’s Poker Journey on Hustler Casino Live

She has appeared four times on HCL as of this writing. In June 2023, she made her debut in HCL Episode 472. Britney dropped a staggering $54K after sitting down with Mariano, Henry Guttman, Tony Mars and others. The game featured a No Limit Hold ‘em game for $25/50/100. 

She returned in HCL Episode 474 in the same month, June 2023. Britney was down nearly $40K when the game ended. She faced off against Sashimi, Rampage, Andy Stacks and others. They played $100/200 No Limit Hold’ em.

In July 2023, Britney took part in the Episode 577 Super High Stakes for $100/200. She ended her losing streak after winning $3.1K from her initial $150,000 buy-in. She faced off against Charles Yu, Nik Airball, Mike X and others.
She last appeared in the 479th Episode, which aired in July 2023. She participated in another Super High Stakes game for $100/200/400, most likely against the same players as before. Britney ended the night up $12K. 


Britney is a newcomer to Hustler Casino Live. During her appearances, she has a split record of two wins and two losses. She is just so entertaining to watch and is as reliable as they come. We hope HCL keeps her on the poker streams in the future.

Hustler Casino Live Results

Stream #717 26 Jun 2024
Stream #708 14 Jun 2024
Stream #706 12 Jun 2024
Stream #693 27 May 2024
Stream #692 24 May 2024
Stream #691 23 May 2024
Stream #690 22 May 2024
Stream #687 16 May 2024
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28 Jun 2023
Last Appearance
26 Jun 2024

Bally Live Poker Results

Stream #69 05 May 2024
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First Appearance
05 May 2024
Last Appearance
05 May 2024