Looking Back At Ninja Vs Alan Keating

Looking Back At Ninja Vs Alan Keating

Ninja’s Slowplay Vs Keating had Hellmuth in a Frenzy

Straddles sure do bring action, mind you so does Alan Keating. Let’s remind ourselves of this unorthodox play from Tyler “Ninja” Blevins the last time he played at Hustler Casino Live. It sure had Phil Hellmuth in a frenzy. As always the action was live-streamed on Hustler Casino’s YouTube channel, on the 1st of May 2022. The blinds were $100/$200 + $200 BB Ante.

After a straddle from Mister Keating ($48,600) UTG six other players limped into the hand, including Ninja ($48,400) in the small blind who was holding AAce of SpadesKKing of Hearts. When the action was back on Keating he chucked out a huge raise to $7,400 with 77 of Spades66 of Diamonds. The entire table folded, apart from Ninja who made the call. Going to the flop there was $17,000 in the middle.

after a flop of AAce of ClubsQQueen of Hearts66 of Spades Ninja checked it over to the pre-flop aggressor who bet out with a small $3k bet. Tyler immediately responded by raising it to $10,000. Keating responded I’ve never been more confused before making the call.

“Oh My God he Trapped him”

The turn was the 88 of Diamonds, Ninja surprisingly checked it over, however, Keating perhaps seeing this as a sign of weakness jammed “All in” which was met by a quick “I call” from Tyler. Phil Hellmuth not believing what he was seeing when ninja turned over his hand, stood up and said “Oh my God he trapped him”.

After the 44 of Clubs on the river gave Ninja the pot, Hellmuth said, “Look at this fucking Ninja, what just happened, he limped in with Ace-King”.

Ninja will be returning tonight at 5 pm PST alongside Neymar, Dan Bilzerian and other legendary names, for a special Saturday “Legends of the Felt” game make sure to tune in.

Hellmuth is blown away by Ninja’s unorthodox play

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