High Stakes, Higher Drama: Bilzerian Joins Celebrity Poker Game

High Stakes, Higher Drama: Bilzerian Joins Celebrity Poker Game

Dan Bilzerian To Join Neymar & co at Hustler Casino Live for a Star-Studded Poker Stream

Three weeks ago, we broke the news that Neymar and several other high-profile figures would be playing in a special Saturday stream at Hustler Casino Live. Now that the full lineup has been disclosed, it features some intriguing and controversial names.

The latest addition to the lineup is Dan Bilzerian, a figure who often stirs debate. Known for his lavish lifestyle and social media presence, many people label Bilzerian as a misogynist. On his first day as a GG Ambassador, a role he no longer holds, he referred to Professional poker player Vaness Kade as a Hoe.

This event will provide a chance to see just how good Dan Bilzerian is at poker. He claims to have amassed a wealth of $50 million playing in private games with businessmen. Though these claims have been widely disputed. Fellow Participant Alan Keating wasted little time welcoming Dan to what will be an incredible event.

Legendary Lineup Confirmed for “Legends on the Felt”

The confirmed lineup for this highly anticipated event includes:

  • Neymar Jr. (@neymarjr): The Brazilian football superstar, also known for his love for poker.
  • Jimmy Butler (@JimmyButler): The Miami Heat basketball player who has a reputation for being competitive both on and off the court.
  • Ninja (@Ninja): The world-renowned gamer and streamer.
  • Ryan Garcia (@RyanGarcia): The professional boxer who has made a name for himself with his speed and knockout power. he has appeared on HCL several times.
  • Dan Bilzerian (@DanBilzerian): The controversial social media personality and alleged high-stakes poker player.
  • Alan Keating (@Mister_Keating) Legendary participant at HCL, will always create action!
  • Chris Eubank Jr. (@ChrisEubankJr) British professional boxer, known for his engaging personality.
  • JonVlogs (@Jonvlogs): A popular content creator & YouTuber promises to bring a different flavor to the felt.

The event, dubbed “Legends on the Felt,” is set to take place this Saturday at 5 PM PT, with stakes set at $50/$100. Fans can watch the live stream on Hustler Casino’s YouTube channel.

This eclectic mix of athletes, gamers, and internet personalities promises to make for an exciting and unpredictable game of poker.