Epic $61k Pot: Sashimi vs. Nick ‘On Tilt’

Epic $61k Pot: Sashimi vs. Nick ‘On Tilt’

Sashimi vs. Nick ‘On Tilt’, engaged in a gripping poker hand on June 13th, 2024, during Hustler Casino Live’s Thirsty Thursday stream. The showdown saw Nick winning his largest pot ever, totaling $61,000.

After several straddles, ‘On tilt’ ($30,340) in the small blind who held A of DiamondsJ of Hearts raised it to $1,600. Ronnie Ebanks ($4,430), who also held Ace-Jack A of SpadesJ of Spades, folded. Sashimi ($44,310) an on the button straddler, called with 88 of Spades33 of Spades ($44,310).

After the flop revealed K of Spades22 of Spades55 of Clubs, Nick bet $2,000, which Sashimi called.

The turn showed the 88 of Clubs, giving Sashimi a pair of eights. Nick bet $5,050, which Sashimi promptly called bringing the pot to $17,600.

The river brought the J of Clubs, flipping the lead back to Nick with a pair of Jacks, he checked it over to his opponent. Sashimi, with just a pair of Eights pushed all-in for $21,700, bringing the pot to ($39,300). This put Nick all-in. ‘On tilt’ deliberated intensely, asking Sashimi whether he should fold, but she remained silent, heightening the tension.

After a prolonged decision-making process, Nick chose to call Sashimi’s all-in bet, and to his surprise, he had made the correct decision, winning the $61,000 pot. He briefly stepped away from the table to chat with his friends, sitting in Hustler Casino‚Äôs Crystal room.

The intense interaction between them captivated viewers and became a highlight of the HCL event. Hustler Casino Live tweeted a clip of this pivotal moment, which you can watch below:

Epic $61,000 Pot: Nick ‘On Tilt Poker’ vs. Sashimi