Crazy Action In the Last Hand of the Night: Bally Live Poker

Crazy Action In the Last Hand of the Night: Bally Live Poker

From Agony to Ecstacy In the Last Hand of the Night?

The last hand of the night sure can create action as players try their luck for the last time, this hand at Bally Live Poker goes above and beyond bringing wild action. The action was live-streamed on Bally Live Poker’s YouTube channel on the 26th of June 2024. Blinds were $50/$100 + a $100 BB Ante.

first to open the action was Justin ($36k) who raised it to $250 having been dealt, pocket Kings KKing of SpadesKKing of Diamonds. On the button was Double-A ($31.3k) Who had been dealt a respectable AAce of HeartsJJoker of Hearts he 3-betted it to $1k. Both the blinds folded and the action was back on Justin. His response was to 4-bet it to $3.5k with the Cowboys. Double A called, going to the flop there was $7.3k in the middle.

The flop QQueen of ClubsAAce of Clubs22 of Hearts was every Poker player’s nightmare when they have pocket King’s, an Ace in the window! Double A now had the lead and position to boot. Undeterred by being first to act, Justin bet out $1.8k which his opponent called.

The Turn brought the Mother of All Cards

Woah! the KKing of Hearts on the turn, you could not make it up! the mother of all action cards. Justin had picked up a set of Kings, whereas Double-A now had the nut flush draw to go with his Pair of Aces. After looking over at Double A’s stack, Justin put out a meaty $6k bet. Although his hand was strong, raising would be a little suicidal here as he would be committed to the hand and potentially would have to hit the flush draw. After calling there was $22.9k in the pot.

Well, the river did make a flush when the 55 of Clubs hit, however, that was clearly no good for Double-A. Not fearing the potential flush, justin Jammed all in. With an exceptionally wet board and taking into account the action, Double A laid down his pair of Aces. What a nice action hand to end the night’s play.

you can watch the hand and see the rest of the stream in the video below.

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