Bally Live Poker Returns: Can Jungleman Escape The River?

Bally Live Poker Returns: Can Jungleman Escape The River?

Bally Live Poker Returns: Will Jungleman Escape the River vs Justin?

Bally Live Poker has returned after over a month’s absence, and boy did it return with a bang. Let’s look at this hand played between Daniel “Jungleman” Cates & Justin at Bally Live Poker. The action was live-streamed on Bally Live Poker’s YouTube channel on the 4th of June 2024. The blinds were $25/50 + a $50 BB big blind ante.

Justin ($21.7k) in the +3 got things underway with a raise to $125 while holding AAce of SpadesKKing of Spades. Marc ($19.1k) in the cutoff called with 1010 of Hearts99 of Diamonds. Next to act was Jungleman ($55.7k) on the button, he chucked out a 3-bet with the fish hooks JJoker of SpadesJJoker of Hearts. After several folds, the action was now back on Justin.

Justin elected to play big-slick aggressively 3-betting it to $1.7k. Marc made the easy laydown, the question was, just how committed did Dan want to get with pocket Jacks? Dan called and to the flop, the pair went with $3.7k in the middle.

Justin flops The Nut Flush Draw to go with his Over Cards

Regardless of hitting, Justin must have been happy with the flop 99 of Spades33 of Diamonds88 of Spades. He had picked up the nut flush draw along with his two over cards. The action was checked over to Dan, who opted to control the pot by checking it back.

Now Justin had hit! The 44 of Spades on the Turn had Jungleman drawing dead. Justin checked for the second time, which enticed Dan to bet out $2.1k. The response from Justin was a Raise to $6k. Cates called, going to the River the pot now stood at $15.7k

The 77 of Clubs on the river was in a way a bad card for Cates if he had put his opponent on Ace-King offsuit with the Ace of Spades in his hand, could he now fold to a bet?

What a bet it was from Jason “All in” was the play. Just how likely was he to be bluffing here? After a lot of debate, Jungleman made the call and received the bad news. Justin takes down the huge $44k pot.

Check out the video below to see the hand play out, hearing Dan’s thought process is worth the watch in itself.