Will Olvin Find the Fold Vs David’s River Jam?

Will Olvin Find the Fold Vs David’s River Jam?

After Olvin Picks Up Trips Can He Find the Fold?

Sometimes in poker, you have to respect the action, did Olvin put too much emphasis on blockers In this hand played at Bally Live Poker? The action was live-streamed on Bally Live Poker’s YouTube channel on the 20th of June 2024. The blinds were $25/50 + a $50 BB big blind ante.

Under The Gun, Sammy The Bull ($8.5k) got things underway with a raise to $200 with 66 of Diamonds66 of Clubs. In the highjack Olvin504 ($21.2k) called with KKing of DiamondsJJoker of Diamonds. Next to act was David ($11.3k), he looked down at cards hand=”ah,js”] and chucked out a 3-bet to $900. The rest of the table folded except for Sammy & Olvin. Three players went to the flop with $2.8k in the middle.

If you are going to 3-bet with Ace-Jack offsuit pre-flop, you’d have to say a flop of QQueen of Spades1010 of DiamondsKKing of Spades is pretty damn good! First to act David had no intention of slow-playing the nuts. He led out with a bet of $900 with Broadway. Sammy found the easy fold, and it was now on Olvin to decide how to play his top pair with an open-ended straight draw. He flatted, and to the turn, they went.

Oh No

Oh no, what a turn KKing of Clubs Olvin had now picked up trips to go with his straight draw. Things could get ugly. David came out strong again, this time with a bet of $2,000. The bet was called and going to the river there was now $8.6k in the pot.

On the river was a brick 33 of Clubs, a few moments later David made the expected play: “All in”. Olvin at this stage knew he could only beat a bluff. Given the pre and post-flop action David’s play did merit respect. After a little thought, perhaps taking into consideration he was blocking some straight and full house combos, Olvin made the call. What a nice $23.6k pot going the way of David.

Check out the video below to see how the hand played out. You can also watch the rest of the stream.