The Ultimate Action Card Between Zhao & Raymond

The Ultimate Action Card Between Zhao & Raymond

Dramatic Turn of Events as Zhao & Raymond Face Off During High Stakes Stream at HCL

Will Zhao be able to get away from top two vs Raymond? The hand occurred during Friday night’s High Stakes stream at Hustler Casino Live. The explosive action was live-streamed on Hustler Casino’s YouTube channel on June 7th, 2024. Zhao & Raymond played the hand with blinds set at $50/$100/$100.

King Henry ($127,400) got the hand underway with a raise to $400 from UTG, with QQueen of HeartsJJoker of Clubs. three players called creating a pot of $1,700 going to the flop.

The Flop came down 77 of Clubs99 of Clubs55 of Hearts giving Zhao ($145,800) 1010 of Hearts99 of Hearts a pair of Nines. Raymond ($126,200) JJoker of Diamonds88 of Clubs had picked up a double gutter. Second to act Raymond, bet out $600. This led to both Henry & Playel L mucking their cards. Zhao made the call and to the turn, the pair went with the pot now standing at $3,300.

Bingo! What a Turn

What a Turn it was! The 1010 of Diamonds had given Zhao top two, whereas Raymond had turned the nut straight. After Zhao checked, Raymond placed a hefty $1,700 bet. Believing he had the best hand, Zhao responded with a raise to $4,800. Raymond could have played this either one of two ways, flat and try to keep bluffs in and extract value on the River. Or raise and try and get that value now, at the risk of perhaps getting folds.

He chose the latter and 3-betted it to $18,700. Zhao made the call, and there was now an incredible $40,700 in the middle going to the river.

The River was about as noneventful as it could be when the 22 of Spades was revealed. Zhao first to act took quite some time to act, clearly worried that his opponent might bet big and put him in a really awkward position. You could say the bet did just that! $56,000 was the amount. After some thought, Zhao just could not make the fold. Raymond takes down the Huge $152,700 pot.

Check out the video below to see the hand play out

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