The Two Sides of Santhosh Survana

The Two Sides of Santhosh Survana

Has Santhosh’s Cash Game Image Played a Part in His Tournament Success?

Just like a coin, it appears there are two sides to Santhosh Survana, the question is which side shines brighter?

Santhosh recently took down the $250,000 Super High Roller event at the World Series of Poker where he pocketed a staggering $5.4 million along with a coveted bracelet.

Survana’s journey began in 2017 in his home country of India, where he started playing in small-field tournaments. However, it wasn’t until the last few years that he has significantly increased his participation in major poker events.

In addition to his recent WSOP victory, Santhosh shone brightly in the WSOPE. During the $50,000 Diamond High Roller event in Rozvadov last year, earning $650,000 and his first bracelet. Earlier in 2023 he also triumphed in the $25,000 GG Super Million event at Triton in Cyprus. These wins are not what you might expect if you have watched his exploits at Hustler Casino Live and Bally Live Poker. He is renowned for being a splashy player who likes to gamble.

Santhosh is often seen playing a loose, splashy style of poker. This approach, coupled with his reputation as one of poker’s nicest guys, perhaps has given his opponents a false sense of security. Has Survana created a false persona that has fooled his opponents and led to his vast recent success?

Nik Airball took to X to Congratulate Santhosh on the $250k Win

Nik Airball another Hustler casino regular took to X (formally Twitter) to congratulate Survana. “Congratulations to one of the nicest guys in poker, Santhosh, taking down the 250k!” This sentiment was echoed by numerous pros and fans, highlighting Survana’s perceived image.

The underestimation has perhaps played a role in his recent tournament success. As opponents struggle to adapt to his unconventional playstyle. The contrast between his friendly demeanor and his perceived image has created a unique dynamic at the table. Potentially giving him a psychological edge over his adversaries.

As Santhosh Survana continues to dominate high-stake tournaments, we are left to wonder whether this remarkable run is a result of his opponents’ inability to decode his style or if he is genuinely on the path to becoming one of the all-time greats. Only time will tell if Survana can maintain his exceptional form that has yielded some of the biggest prizes in poker.

Santhosh exemplifies the intriguing duality of being both poker’s Mr. Nice Guy and a serious contender in high stakes. His recent achievements are a testament to his skill, utilization of his playstyle, and adapting to how his opponents perceive his playstyle.

Poker is all about adapting, deceiving, and trying to outthink your opponent. Whether Santhosh has played on his perceived persona, only he will know. Whatever the case, there is no denying he has had an exceptional run the last couple of years. His live winnings have now ballooned to over $13 million.

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