Matt Staples

Matt Staples
Name Matthew Staples
Nickname Matt Staples
Nationality Canadian
Age 26
Streams on

Matthew Staples is a Canadian poker player and streamer as well as a member of PartyPoker Team Online. Matt is a player who started with a bankroll of around $20. With no further investment he grew it to the hundreds of thousands purely through learning, grinding the game, and winning.

Matt was introduced to poker and poker streaming through his brother, Jaime Staples. Jaime was playing and streaming on Twitch as a side hustle. Matt took an interest in the game after watching his brother’s streams and started playing micro-stakes himself in 2015.

Matt Staples Streaming

He started streaming his poker sessions on Twitch in 2015/6. But, he gained large popularity after completing a weight loss challenge from Bill Perkins in 2017. Matt needed to reach a specific weight within a year. With a substantial sum of money at stake he successfully accomplished the goal. The journey was followed by a large online audience. And, not only did he improve his health but he also garnered some followers. Along the way which have stuck with him as he’s evolved into one of the most popular poker streamers on Twitch, with over 100k followers. He estimates that 99.9% of all his tournament poker has been streamed live on Twitch. On his YouTube channel, you will find all the best highlights of his action on stream.

Tournament Poker Results

Matt’s first bunch of cashes came in 2017 through 2018 at five Run It Up Reno Events. He had one second-place finish, one top-5 finish, and one top-15 finish, earning himself over $10k. His next cash came in 2020 at a WPT World Championship Online Event. He finished 44th in the No Limit Hold’Em $3,000+200 game and cashed $9,600.

In 2020, Matt finished 3rd in the PokerStars Sunday Million for $92,812, the biggest tournament cash of his career.

2021 was the first year that Matt cashed in a WSOP event. From July through to September, he cashed in four online WSOP events, with the most impressive being a 27th-place finish and an $8,469 cash in a $210 No Limit Hold’Em game.

In June 2022, Matt achieved his biggest ever live cash at a partypoker MILLIONS Europe Main Event. In a €2,950+350 No Limit Hold’Em game, Staples finished 10th and cashed €23,000.