Chris “Luda Chris” Chen

Chris “Luda Chris” Chen
Name Chris Chen
Nickname Luda Chris
Nationality American-Chinese
Age 45
Streams on

Luda Chris who’s real name is Chris Chen is an American poker player and investor from Boston, Massachusetts. who appears on the popular poker live show Hustler Casino Live on a regular basis. He is also well-known in the Los Angeles scene, and his crazy and interesting betting methods, as well as his rich and interesting expressions.

Luda Chris Poker Career

One of the most well-known players on Hustler Live Casino is Luda Chris. Chris has been a participant in HCL ever since it first started. He made an appearance on Episode 6 in August 2021. Playing high-stakes cash games alongside notable players like Eli Strickland, Nick Vertucci, and others. He took home $36,745.

In December 2021, he made one of his largest wins at HCL’s Episode 96, winning $67,395. He has been achieving great results and successfully establishing himself in the poker community. 

On HCL’s Episode 231 in July 2022, Luda Chris won yet another significant prize worth $97,850. The next highest earner was Johnny Stevens. Luda Chris’ biggest payday from HCL occurred in August 2022. Episode 260 of HCL was where he made $226,000.

Another HCL player, JT, earned maximum value with Quads on Episode 501 in August 2023 against Luda.

In terms of his live tournament participation, there was only one entry at the 7th Annual World Series of Poker in 2006. He finished second and received $9,415.


Chris Chen, is a prominent American poker player and investor known for his entertaining presence on the popular poker show, Hustler Casino Live. With consistent success in high-stakes cash games and notable wins on the show, he has firmly established himself as a respected figure in the poker community, showcasing his unique betting methods and expressions along the way.

Hustler Casino Live Results

Stream #716 25 Jun 2024
Stream #705 11 Jun 2024
Stream #699 04 Jun 2024
Stream #693 27 May 2024
Stream #685 14 May 2024
Stream #680 07 May 2024
Stream #675 30 Apr 2024
Stream #670 23 Apr 2024
Net Profit
First Appearance
10 Aug 2021
Last Appearance
24 Oct 2024