“Jeff Boski” Sluzinski

“Jeff Boski” Sluzinski
Name “Jeff Boski” Sluzinski
Nickname Jeff Boski, ICuRaRook
Nationality American
Streams on
World Series of Poker

Jeff Sluzinski, recognized by the moniker Jeff Boski, is a professional poker player originating from Las Vegas, Nevada. His live earnings exceed $1.2 million, and his most significant live cash amounted to $121K. Notably, he serves as an ambassador for ACR Poker, and his affiliations extend to Raise Your Edge, Professional Rackback, Beat the Fish, 9to5 Poker, Viva Oils, Kounterfeit Poker Clothing, and Adopt-a-Boxer Rescue.

In addition to his poker prowess, Sluzinski stands out as a trailblazer in poker vlogging on YouTube, commencing his channel in August 2013. Operating under the handle @JeffBoski, his subscriber count surpasses 56K. The channel boasts a rich library of over 600 videos, amassing an impressive 15.7 million views. Furthermore, he actively engages with his audience through Twitch, where he goes by the username @JeffBoski and currently commands a following of 26.1K.

Jeff Sluzinski: Early Life

Jeff Sluzinski embarked on his poker journey during the Moneymaker boom, captivated by the allure of the game. Initially navigating the online poker realm, he steadily progressed through the micro stakes, steadily earning $10 per hour. Concurrently, he pursued a business degree at the University of Michigan, but faced adversity when he struggled with a required calculus course, ultimately deciding to relinquish academia for a full-time poker career.

Formerly a call-center supervisor, Sluzinski courageously embraced a pivotal life shift, leaving the familiarity of his job to compete against the very poker players he had long admired on television. In 2008, he made the strategic move to Las Vegas, aiming to test his skills in the epicenter of the poker world.

While not engrossed in online battles or participating in Las Vegas tournaments, Sluzinski dedicated himself to a relentless pursuit of poker knowledge. He immersed himself in top training sites, devoured every poker book within reach, and manifested an insatiable obsession with the game. This commitment to mastery led to his distinction as the inaugural ambassador for ACR, where he plays a pivotal role in promoting the platform.

Jeff Sluzinski: Poker Career

Sluzinski commenced his venture into the realm of poker in April 2008, marking the initiation of his participation in live tournaments. He had a commendable performance at the WSOP Circuit Southern Indiana in Elizabeth. His notable achievement included a 6th place finish in the $550 No Limit Hold’em event, securing a cash prize of $6,071. The momentum continued to build in March 2009, as Sluzinski emerged triumphant in the $1,000 + $60 No Limit Hold’em tournament at The Wynn Classic in Las Vegas, claiming the coveted 1st place title and a substantial $61,458 in winnings.

Undeterred by the challenges, Sluzinski demonstrated his skill again in March 2011, securing an 8th place finish in the $3,125 No Limit Hold’em event at the 2011 Chicago Poker Classic in Hammond, with a cash prize of $26,639

. The World Series of Poker in May 2014 saw Sluzinski achieve a commendable 26th place in the $1,500 No Limit Hold’em tournament, earning $50,614. His success extended to the Wynn Casino Recurring Tournaments in December 2016, where he clinched three consecutive 1st place victories, amassing a total of $26,161.

Fast forward to March 2023, Sluzinski showcased his prowess in high-stakes poker at the Triton Poker Super High Roller Series in Vietnam, Hoi An, securing a respectable 7th place in the $25,000 No Limit Hold’em event and pocketing $121,000. His journey reached another pinnacle in June 2023 at the MGM Grand Summer Poker Festival in Las Vegas, where he emerged victorious in the $330 + $80 + $90 No Limit Hold’em tournament, claiming 1st place and a prize of $47,605.

The culmination of Sluzinski’s recent successes occurred in October 2023 at The Wynn Fall Classic in Las Vegas, where he dominated the $400 No Limit Hold’em event, securing yet another 1st place finish and adding $12,300 to his impressive poker earnings.  

Jeff Boski on Online Poker

Jeff utilizes the aliases ICuRaRook on PokerStars and Jeffboski on the now-defunct Full Tilt platform. He takes pride in his overall winnings, exceeding $2.5 million, and achieving a notable single payout of $69.1K. During the concluding segment of the Wednesday Quarter Million event, a one-on-one confrontation unfolded between ICuRaRook (also known as jeffboski) and makavelyces. Following the conclusion of the final round, ICuRaRook secured victory, earning $69,178.08, while makavelyces received a consolation prize of $50,100.00.


Jeff Sluzinski’s poker journey is a compelling narrative of perseverance, strategic skill, and continuous success. From his early days in live tournaments, marked by commendable finishes and substantial cash prizes, to his recent triumphs in high-stakes events, Sluzinski has consistently demonstrated a remarkable ability to navigate the competitive landscape of professional poker. His victories at prestigious venues such as The Wynn Classic, Triton Poker Super High Roller Series, and the MGM Grand Summer Poker Festival underscore his versatility and adaptability across various formats and stakes.

Beyond his achievements on the felt, Sluzinski’s influence extends into the digital realm as a prominent poker vlogger. With a substantial YouTube following and active engagement on Twitch, he not only shares his experiences but also fosters a sense of community within the poker enthusiast sphere. As Sluzinski continues to carve his path in both the live and online poker arenas, his legacy resonates not only through his impressive tournament victories but also as a captivating content creator, enriching the poker landscape for audiences worldwide.