Fintan “EasyWithAces” Hand

Fintan “EasyWithAces” Hand
Name Fintan Hand
Nickname EasyWithAces
Nationality Irish
Age 33
Streams on

Fintan Hand AKA easywithaces, is an Irish PokerStars ambassador as well as a popular Twitch streamer and Tik-Tok personality. Hand is very outgoing and confident which has played a major role in his ability to build an audience who love tuning in to watch him crack jokes while playing poker. 

EasyWithAces Early Poker Days

Fintan was introduced to poker by his mom at the age of 5 and has been obsessed ever since. He claims that he’s played “basically every day” since he was a kid. At 21 he worked as a poker dealer at the Fitzwilliam Casino whilst studying at college as well. He was playing every night after work and making decent money, and after a year of that, he decided to leave college and play poker full-time, pursuing his passion. 

EasyWithAces Streaming History

Fintan started his Twitch channel “easywithaces” in 2015 after fellow poker player Jamie Staples rose to fame on his Twitch channel and got approached by and signed with PokerStars. Fintan, who was initially doubtful that poker streaming would take off, fell in love with it immediately and put in immense grind in hopes of being approached by PokerStars. 18 months later and that’s exactly what happened, when they told Fintan that they were interested in him and he should keep doing what he was doing. Shortly after that he and his friend Ben “Spraggy” Spragg took over streaming on the central channel on PokerStars. 

The Irishman has optimistic visions for his streaming and poker streaming as a whole. It’s easy to see why he thinks this way when you look at his TikTok page where he expresses his humor and creativity by vlogging and poking fun at poker scenarios in homemade skits. In other words poker streamers can do a lot more than just play poker to build and entertain their audience. 

Poker results

His first live winning result came in 2013 at the casino he worked in, playing a €250+20 NLTHE month-end event, he finished 1st and cashed €15,701.

Shortly after making his breakthrough into fame, followers, and signing with PokerStars, Fintan played in the €1,150+125 NLHE Irish Open Main Event where he cashed out the biggest live winnings of his career. He finished in 7th place and cashed €20,974. 


When he’s not playing poker, Fintan enjoys watching sports, particularly MMA and football. Despite claiming to not be too creative, Hand says he enjoys the occasional art exhibition, something he gets from his mom – who he hopes has forgiven him for dropping out of college.

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