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Brad Owen is a long-time professional poker player and streamer from California as well as partner and co-producer of the popular show, Poker At The Lodge.  He was one of the first live poker streamers, starting with an iPhone 5, and is now one of the most popular live poker streamers on YouTube, taking his viewers from mid-stakes cash games to tournaments all around the world. 

Brad Owen – Early Poker Days

Brad was first introduced to poker as a teenager when his dad got a job working at a casino. In order to learn all the games, the employees received software to play against simulated opponents, it was called “Hoyle Casino”. Brad took a liking to poker and would come home every day and play limit hold’em tournaments. He started to play against his older brother and his college friends when he was still in school and says it was one of the only things he could beat his brother at, which he quite enjoyed.

In 2012 Brad moved to Las Vegas with $10,000 and set out to become a professional poker player. For a few months, he was sustaining himself and “living the dream” as he says, until he moved to Los Angeles for friends and a new girlfriend, and went broke. Brad had to move back home with his parents and opt to get a traditional job. 

After finding himself working at an accounting firm and despising his job, Brad decided to take a risk and have another shot at making a career out of poker. 

Brad Owen Streaming

In December 2016, Brad released his first poker vlog. His aim was to fill the niche for low to mid-stakes poker content. Brad was a pioneer for low-stakes live poker vlogging. He started filming vlogs on his iPhone 5 back in 2013, sneaking the fact that he was recording his hands and hoping not to be caught. Fast forward to the present and Brad Owen now has over six hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube with over three million views on his most popular video. Brad and a handful of others set the foundation for live poker vlogging as we know it today.

Brad Owen is primarily known for his YouTube poker vlogs, but he has also streamed live poker sessions on Twitch in the past. He began streaming on Twitch in 2018 and continued to do so for a few years.

During his older live streams, Brad typically played low to mid-stakes cash games in Las Vegas and provided commentary on his thought process and strategy and has always been informative and engaging with his viewers.

Brad Owen Tournament Poker Results

Most of Brad’s poker career has been spent playing live cash games, therefore his HendonMob page only shows results from 36 tournaments since 2016, with his total live earnings @ the time of writing at $298,452. His biggest live cash came in 2022 at a WPT $9,800 + 600 NLHE Event, where he finished in 35th place and cashed $99,600. During the pandemic, Brad cashed in 9 WSOP online events, with the most impressive being a $13,160 cash after finishing 587th in a field of 5,802 players.

Behind-The-Scenes Poker Career

In 2022, Brad Owen teamed up with Doug Polk and Andrew Neeme to purchase a stake in ownership at The Lodge Card Club in Texas. They put their heads together and with their years of experience, have pimped out The Lodge and birthed the “Poker At The Lodge” live stream which is quickly turning into one of the most popular poker streams on YouTube as well as a favorite spot for the players.


Brad is massively popular on his socials and still regularly posts vlogs of his play. He set his sights on poker and didn’t give up, and he has been rewarded for that. With Poker At The Lodge still in its early days, we expect nothing but the best from Brad Owen and his associates. 

Poker at the Lodge Results

Stream #450 26 Apr 2024
Stream #413 20 Jan 2024
Stream #408 11 Jan 2024
Stream #380 28 Oct 2023
Stream #379 27 Oct 2023
Stream #352 02 Sep 2023
Stream #351 01 Sep 2023
Stream #350 31 Aug 2023
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24 Jan 2022
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26 Apr 2024