Pistol Pete Has the Bullets During Omaha Showdown

Pistol Pete Has the Bullets During Omaha Showdown

Omaha returned to Bally Live Poker last night with the action live-streamed on Bally Live Poker’s YouTube channel. With the blinds at $10/$20 let’s take a look at the second biggest pot of the night.

The action began from a UTG raise to $130 from Shai ($5460) who had been dealt A of HeartsKKing of Hearts88 of Spades77 of Spades. Next to act was Pistol Pete ($21,250) in the cut-off, he chucked out a 3-bet to $400 with the bullets AAce of SpadesAAce of Diamonds1010 of Hearts77 of Hearts. In the small blind “The Accountant” did not want to let go off KKing of ClubsQQueen of Clubs1010 of Clubs55 of Clubs and made the call. three players went to the flop with $1,360 in the middle.

Pistol Pete Is Running low On Ammo

After a flop of 66 of Hearts55 of Diamonds44 of Hearts there could be all guns blazing as Shai flops the nut straight as well as the nut flush draw! Pistol Pete’s 10 high flush draw was poison. And multi-way on such a well-connected flop he must not have felt comfortable about his Aces being good. Last to Act Pete bet out $630. After “The Accountant” made the easiest fold of his life, Shai check-raised the pot to $1,800. Presuming his flush draw must have been live, Pete made the call, and to the Turn, the pair went.

The 22 of Diamonds on the Turn kept things as they were. First to act Shai led out $1,900 which left him $1,360 behind. After Pete called the pot now stood at a staggering $8,660.

Well, with Shai having so little left the river was always going to be a little noneventful, Pete had no fold equity when Shai moved all in after the 22 of Clubs was revealed. what a dream flop it was which led to a $10k pot.