Marle Spragg Triumphs in Saturday Special $109 Bounty Builder

Marle Spragg Triumphs in Saturday Special $109 Bounty Builder

Marle Spragg Shares Her Saturday Special $109 Victory on Social Media

Marle Spragg, a renowned poker vlogger, content creator, and wife of PokerStars-sponsored streamer Benjamin Spragg, clinched victory in Pokerstars‘ Saturday Special $109 Bounty Builder. The tournament, which boasted a $30,000 guarantee, saw Marle walk away with an impressive $7,027, with a substantial portion, $5,299.13, coming from bounties. On Saturdays, the bounties in these special tournaments are particularly lucrative, accounting for 75% of the prize pool.

Excited by her achievement, Marle took to X (Formally Twitter) to share her joy, writing, “I have won the Bounty Builder $109! That’s a lot of bounties!! 😄”

About Marle Spragg

Marle Spragg, is a well-known poker vlogger and former model. She married Benjamin “Spraggy” Spragg, a professional poker player and Twitch streamer. Her poker journey began at a young age, influenced by her father’s passion for the game. Despite various challenges, Marle has become a prominent figure in the poker community, admired for her engaging content and positive outlook on life and the game.

Marle has also appeared on Hustler Casino Live and other popular Poker streams.

Her first appearance was on September 8th, 2021, during Stream #28, where she experienced a challenging session, ending with a loss of $2,460. She returned for Stream #280 on September 19th, 2022. Marle turned the tables and secured a substantial win of $14,250. This impressive performance leaves her net profit from the show to $11,790.

Check Out Marle’s comical vlogs and Shorts on her YouTube channel.

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