King Henry Is a Sucker For Punishment Against Tan

King Henry Is a Sucker For Punishment Against Tan

King Henry Throws Himself to the Sword

Usually, kings are the ones who punish others, here, however, Henry Guttman nicknamed King Henry brought the punishment on himself. We have all been there, sometimes the only way to win the hand is to go for that elaborate bluff and hope your opponent folds. The hand took place at Hustler Casino Live and was live-streamed on Hustler Casino‚Äôs YouTube channel on June 28th, 2024. The hand was played between Henry & Tan, with the blinds set at $25/5 + a $50 BB Ante.

The action began with Dylan ($43,775) raising it to $300 from the +1 with 1010 of Diamonds99 of Spades. After several folds, Tan on the button made the call while holding 44 of Diamonds44 of Clubs. The blinds got out of the way, and it was now on Henry ($59,975) the UTG straddler to decide what to do with his AAce of DiamondsKKing of Spades. he responded by putting out a large 3-bet of $2,000. Only Tan called, and off to the flop, the pair went with $4,425 in the middle.

A Slightly Above-average Flop

You could say the flop 1010 of Spades44 of Hearts22 of Clubs was slightly above average for Tan after flopping a set of Fours! First to act Henry led out $1,600 which was flatted by his opponent.

The turn 99 of Clubs once again missed the aggressor, this, however, did not prevent Henry from betting out again. This time Tan was faced with a much larger bet, $6,000 was the asking price. After a little hollywooding, he made the call. There was now close to $20k in the pot going to the river.

On the river 22 of Spades, the board paired and you would probably expect Henry to give up now right? Wrong! knowing his Ace-King was unlikely to be good he jammed “All in” most likely hoping a Ten could find the fold. Little did he know Tan had been slow playing a monster. The bet was snapped off, and in next to no time Tan had scooped the huge $70k pot.

To see the hand play out and to watch the rest of the stream, check out the video below.

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